Benjamin Dennehy – Telephone Prospecting Bootcamp Recorded Course 2023

Benjamin Dennehy – Telephone Prospecting Bootcamp Recorded Course 2023

Benjamin Dennehy  This bootcamp is aimed at beginners and seasoned callers.
Benjamin Dennehy What You’ll Learn In Telephone Prospecting Bootcamp Recorded Course 2023?

How to get past gate-keepers
Why you’re your own worst enemy
The psychology of questions and why you answer them

Benjamin Dennehy is a well-known sales trainer and speaker based in the United Kingdom.

Dennehy specializes in helping sales professionals improve their prospecting, negotiation, and closing skills.

Benjamin Dennehy has gained popularity as a sales trainer and speaker due to his no-nonsense approach and direct style of teaching. He often challenges conventional sales wisdom and encourages sales professionals to step out of their comfort zones to achieve better results.

Some key areas that Dennehy focuses on in his training include:

  1. Prospecting: Dennehy emphasizes the importance of effective prospecting techniques to generate leads and opportunities. He provides insights on how to identify ideal target customers, approach them confidently, and make compelling pitches.
  2. Communication and persuasion: Dennehy teaches salespeople how to effectively communicate the value of their products or services and persuade prospects to take action. He emphasizes the importance of active listening, asking the right questions, and adapting communication styles to connect with different individuals.
  3. Negotiation: Dennehy offers strategies and tactics to improve negotiation skills, helping sales professionals navigate complex sales situations and close deals more effectively. He focuses on building rapport, understanding the needs of both parties, and finding win-win solutions.
  4. Overcoming objections: He provides techniques for addressing objections with confidence, reframing objections as opportunities, and effectively handling resistance from prospects.
  5. Sales mindset: Dennehy recognizes the importance of having a positive mindset and developing resilience in the sales profession. He encourages sales professionals to embrace rejection, learn from failures, and maintain a motivated and determined attitude.
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