Christine Gomolka – 30 Days to Paid

Christine Gomolka – 30 Days to Paid

Christine Gomolka – 30 Days to Paid

Are you ready to transform your freelance writing dreams into a thriving reality? Welcome to “30 Days to Paid” with Christine Gomolka, a powerful and comprehensive course designed to help you take control of your freelance writing career and secure high-paying clients within just 30 days. Whether you’re a seasoned writer seeking to boost your income or a newcomer looking to break into the world of freelance writing, this course is your definitive roadmap to success.

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Unlock your path to freelance writing success with Christine Gomolka’s “30 Days to Paid” course. In this comprehensive program, you’ll embark on a guided journey to kickstart your freelance writing career. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, this course is designed to help you land high-paying clients within 30 days or less.

Module 1: Your Freelance Roadmap

Say goodbye to the overwhelming uncertainty that often plagues freelance writers. Christine provides you with a step-by-step framework to keep you on track and motivated. You’ll receive a well-organized timeline and project plan, increasing your chances of landing that first high-paying client. Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of LinkedIn and a reassuring introduction to what lies ahead in the course.

Module 2: Following Your (Calculated!) Calling

Discover your ideal freelance niche with ease. Christine’s guided decision-making process eliminates the confusion and uncertainty of niche selection. Learn where high-paying clients hide and how to find them. Additionally, you’ll create a compelling online presence to position yourself as a niche expert, ensuring that clients recognize you as the right writer for the job.

Module 3: Targeting Your Tribe

Build a website that resonates with your ideal clients. This module includes easy-to-follow video tutorials, helping you create a writer’s website without the need for WordPress or developer skills. Learn what clients look for and how to optimize your website to make hiring you a no-brainer. Strengthen or build your portfolio, even if you’re just starting out.

Module 4: Leveraging LinkedIn

Whether you’re revamping an existing profile or starting from scratch, this module equips you with everything necessary to attract high-quality freelance clients using LinkedIn. Learn how to organically network, optimize your profile, and get noticed by your ideal clients.

Module 5: Personalization that Pays

With your marketing strategy in place, it’s time to send cold pitch messages that land your dream clients. Christine’s copy-and-paste templates make cold pitching a breeze. Overcome your fear of cold pitching and learn to send effective follow-up messages. This module provides you with the tools to consistently pursue clients until you achieve your freelance income goals.

Bonuses to Boost Your Freelance Business:
  • Bonus 1: Leveraging LinkedIn Job Postings Learn how to apply to LinkedIn freelance jobs and increase your chances of being chosen for writing opportunities.
  • Bonus 2: Quiet Confidence Master client discovery calls without cringe-worthy sales tactics, especially tailored for introverts.
  • Bonus 3: Client Call Confidential Gain access to real-life client call recordings and enhance your communication and deal-closing skills.
Learning Objectives:
  • Master the freelance writing process
  • Identify your niche and attract high-paying clients
  • Optimize your online presence
  • Leverage LinkedIn effectively
  • Send personalized cold pitches
  • Improve client discovery calls

Whom this Course is for: This course is ideal for aspiring freelance writers, both beginners and experienced writers, looking to achieve their freelance income goals.

Course Features:
  • Sales-oriented content
  • Practical, step-by-step guidance

Course Price: Original Price – $997 Your Price – Only $45

Take the first step towards your freelance writing success with “30 Days to Paid.” Enroll now and start your journey to landing high-paying clients in just one month!

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