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This course’s overall content will be:
1. What are google ads? How can they be used to achieve their goals and what is possible with them?
2. How to create a Google Ads Account from scratch
3. How to create professional campaigns from scratch
4. How to conduct analysis, research, and structure campaigns
5. How to optimize, report and analyze campaigns to get the best results
6. How to combine Google Ads and other platforms to get the best results
This course was designed to ease the learning process for beginners to experts. This course uses the same process as Google Ads training. To ensure there are no gaps in the training, campaigns were set up with a hypothetical FinTech client.
This course will include all the advanced features of Google Ads as well as all types and campaigns.
Google Ads is the mother of all Digital Marketing platforms. It was previously called Adwords and was the first company to allow advertisers to display online Ads. Google Ads allows you to run many types of campaigns. These include Google Search campaigns and Gmail campaigns. Display campaigns on GDN, Google Search campaigns, and YouTube campaigns. Google Ads is also a great tool for running App Install campaigns
This course is designed for professionals and students to gain a working knowledge of Google Ads to help them run profitable and successful campaigns. We will also be discussing strategies that have worked for clients in the past.

This course is designed for the following:

Anyone who is interested in learning Google Ads from scratch for a professional career.
Anyone who wishes to run profitable and successful campaigns with Google Ads
Anybody who



ClicksGeek – Google Ads Course 2022



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