Emma Kate – Be The Boss Of WordPress

Emma Kate – Be The Boss Of WordPress

Emma Kate – Be The Boss Of WordPress

Introducing the “Emma Kate – Be The Boss Of WordPress” Course

Are you ready to take control of your web presence and become the master of WordPress? Look no further! Emma Kate’s comprehensive course offers you the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to excel in the world of web design and development. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, this course has something valuable for everyone.

Course Highlights:

Module 1 – The Goods

In this module, you’ll gather all the essential components required to create a stunning and highly successful website. Discover how to structure your site for seamless navigation and gain the skills to make your site more visible to search engines like Google. You’ll also learn how to craft compelling, personality-driven, and SEO-focused copy that resonates with your ideal audience.

Module 2 – The Style

Elevate your web design game by defining your site’s unique style. From understanding the nuances of print vs. web design to mastering web-safe color palettes, this module empowers you to create visually captivating websites. Plus, learn how to optimize your images for a blazing-fast website that both users and search engines adore.

Module 3 – The Foundations

Demystify the technical side of web development by establishing a solid software foundation for your site. You’ll dive into the world of domains, hosting, and WordPress, learning how they work together to create your dream website. Gain clarity on WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org, set up your domain and hosting, and install WordPress with ease.

Module 4 – The Tools

Enhance your web development skills by setting up the basics of your WordPress site. Explore the WordPress Dashboard, install essential plugins, and ensure the safety of your hard work with reliable daily backups. Bonus: Create an enticing “Coming Soon” page to build anticipation for your new website.

Module 5 – The Secret Weapon

Unleash the power of WordPress with lessons on themes, page builders, and child themes. Choose and install your preferred theme and child theme, and begin creating your first web page. You’ll feel like a web development expert in no time.

Module 6 – The Build

Bring your vision to life by constructing your homepage. Learn to make your site user-friendly with a well-structured main menu, customize your site’s look and feel, and select or design page layouts that maximize conversions. Building your homepage has never been this exciting!

Module 7 – The Fitout

This module lets your creativity shine as you populate your website with engaging copy, captivating images, and interactive content. Create a library of reusable sections and web elements, saving you precious time. Flesh out your internal pages and lay the foundations for successful sales with website inquiry and opt-in forms.

Module 8 – The Tune-Up

After all the hard work, it’s time to ensure your website is polished, secure, and optimized. Follow Emma Kate’s pre-flight checklist to ensure everything is in order before launch. Learn essential web maintenance best practices, including security, backups, and software updates.

Learning Objectives:

This course equips you with the skills to design, develop, and optimize websites that stand out and succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is perfect for aspiring web designers, graphic designers, or anyone looking to enhance their web development skills. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to level up your expertise, you’ll find valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Course Features:

– Web design fundamentals
– In-depth WordPress knowledge
– SEO strategies for visibility
– Color theory and design principles
– Content creation and optimization
– Hands-on web development experience
– Comprehensive technical understanding
– Best practices for site maintenance and security

Course Price:

Original Price: $997
Our Special Price: Only $40

Don’t miss this opportunity to become the master of WordPress and elevate your web design skills. Enroll now and start your journey toward creating beautiful, successful websites!

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