J. Bravo – Bear Market Money 2023

J. Bravo – Bear Market Money 2023

J. Bravo Bear Market Money 2023

Welcome to the J. Bravo Bear Market Money 2023 . Master the Art of Trading in Turbulent Times! In this comprehensive and dynamic course, you are about to embark on a transformative journey through the intricate world of trading and investment, specifically tailored for navigating the challenges of bear markets.

Category: Financial Education

Duration: 10 GB of Comprehensive Training

Course Modules:

  1. Let’s Make Some Money (6:41): Kickstart your journey to financial success.
  2. Bear Market Watchlist (6:21): Learn how to identify potential market movers.
  3. 200 (9:14): Understand the significance of the 200-day moving average.
  4. 21 (5:19): Dive into the power of short-term trends.
  5. Length (10:45): Master the art of market timing.
  6. My Personal Email: Get direct access to expert guidance.
  7. TradingView (6:55): Harness the power of TradingView for market analysis.
  8. TradeStation (2:57): Discover the key features of TradeStation for trading.
  9. DXY (6:41): Decode the US Dollar Index and its impact.
  10. Lux Algo (8:21): Explore Lux Algo indicators for smarter trading decisions.
  11. Paper Trade (5:28): Practice your strategies risk-free.
  12. Don’t Be Stupid (6:46): Avoid common trading pitfalls.
  13. Candle (7:57): Master the art of candlestick analysis.
  14. RSI & MACD (7:29): Dive deep into technical indicators.
  15. Bear/Bull Market: Be Careful (7:24): Learn to navigate market cycles.
  16. Bear Market 9 (20:08): In-depth insights into bear markets.
  17. OVERREACTION!!! (6:28): Avoid impulsive decisions during market turbulence.
  18. Let’s Make a Trade! (11:06): Execute profitable trades confidently.
  19. PDT (3:11): Understand Pattern Day Trading rules.
  20. Support & Resistance (8:15): Identify key price levels.
  21. Investors (12:11): Strategies for long-term investors.
  22. CM_Williams (6:12): Analyze the CM_Williams VIX Fix.
  23. 200 Weekly (DCA for Investors) (6:40): Implement Dollar-Cost Averaging.
  24. Gold/Silver/Bitcoin (8:12): Explore opportunities in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.
  25. False Breakout (6:23): Avoid falling for false signals.
  26. False Breakout Confirmation (3:13): Confirm your trading decisions.
  27. Head & Shoulders (10:12): Recognize reversal patterns.
  28. Rising Wedge / Finviz (13:39): Analyze chart patterns for informed trading.
  29. Descending Triangle (5:43): Understand continuation patterns.
  30. Bearish Flag (10:07): Spot bearish trends early.
  31. Symmetrical Triangle (10:57): Master triangle patterns.
  32. Double & Triple Top (9:10): Identify potential market tops.
  33. Bearish Pennant Pattern (4:47): Navigate flag patterns like a pro.
  34. Taxes (13:59): Learn about tax implications in trading.
  35. VRVP (6:07): Understand Volatility Ratio Volume Pattern.
  36. The Federal Reserve Pivot (Indicator Implementation) (11:55): Decode the Fed’s impact.
  37. Bear/Bull Cheat Sheet: Quick reference for market cycles.
  38. Traders vs. Investors (Dollar-Cost Average) (11:02): Choose your trading style wisely.
  39. How Much Should You RISK (5:22): Manage your risk effectively.
  40. Bear Market Rallies and FED Pivots (8:18): Navigate volatile markets confidently.
  41. How to Catch Falling Knives! Buy The Dip! (5:29): Seize opportunities during market downturns.
  42. Stop-Loss (6:43): Protect your investments with smart stop-loss strategies.
  43. Take Profit! (7:12): Secure your gains at the right time.
  44. ETF’s (8:03): Explore Exchange-Traded Funds for diversification.
  45. Where’s the Enter & Exit (8:47): Know when to enter and exit trades.
  46. Step-by-Step Trade Setup (3:48): Set up your trades methodically.
  47. How To Swing Trade (15:28): Unlock the art of swing trading.
  48. Fundamentals (8:59): Understand the fundamentals of trading.
  49. Bear Market Watchlist (6:21): Keep a close eye on potential bearish stocks.
  50. New For 2023 “The Bravo 9” (4:15): Stay updated with the latest market indicators.
  51. All-In-One New Indicators! (14:12): Harness the power of new indicators for better decision-making.
  52. Confluence! Don’t Enter a Trade “Because it said BUY/SELL” (3:06): Make informed trades based on confluence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of bear market trading strategies.
  • Develop the skills to identify key market indicators and patterns.
  • Learn risk management techniques to protect your capital.
  • Discover the nuances of different trading styles and investment strategies.

Who this Course is for:

  • Aspiring traders looking to thrive in bear markets.
  • Investors seeking to enhance their trading knowledge and strategies.
  • Anyone interested in mastering the art of trading in challenging market conditions.

Course Features:

  • In-depth training on trading strategies and techniques.
  • Access to premium tools and indicators.
  • Practical insights from a seasoned trader.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.

Course Price: Original Price: $997 Limited Time Offer: Only $115

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