Jay Abraham – Creating Your Own Business Success

Creating Your Own Business Success – How to grow, scale, and maximize your profits using effective strategies
Creating Your 12 In-Depth Breakdowns Revealing Every Strategy — In Excruciating Detail — For Capitalizing On Hidden Pockets Of Profits No Matter What Business You’re In
In each thought-provoking and action-oriented module, I cover a very specific topic related to successfully starting and growing your business to monumental levels.
Module 1: Installing & Instilling The Entrepreneur’s Mindset
To take you from wherever you are right now, to a different mental model, a different paradigm. Here you are going to learn a different way of thinking of yourself and the vast world around you. Jay will show you how to think, act and transact business like a successful entrepreneur.
Module 2: Drivers of Performance
This module is designed to help you recognize what Jay calls, “The drivers of performance.” These individual drivers are some of the key contributing factors for your success or lack thereof. You’ll need to be fully aware and strategizing on a constant and consistent basis to use them to propel you forward. You’ll learn how to maximize your performance and output for each and every action you take directly/indirectly again through understating “The drivers of performance.”

In this module, Jay talks about the difference between tactics and strategy.  Not understanding and implementing the right strategy and tactics in all areas of your business can result in failure.
Module 6: Re-Defining Marketing
Module 7: The “Three Ways to Grow a Business” Model
In this module, Jay teaches you the key to all business growth no matter what business you are in. This is one of the most powerful models that Jay has ever constructed in his massive body of work.
Module 8: Upselling, Cross-Selling, Down-Selling, Packaging


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