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What If You Had A Proven System To Get Better Clients, At Higher Rates, And A Steady Flow of Leads Coming To YOU Instead Of The Other Way Around?
It’s Time To Uncover Your True Specialty and Become A Sought-After Expert In Your Industry
Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Freelancers Are Flooded With Leads, Get Paid Higher Rates, and Earn MORE While Working Less Hours…
… While Others Struggle With Low Pay, Lousy Clients, and
Constant Imposter Syndrome?

Right now, hundreds of businesses are moving online and hiring remote freelancers. That means there’s more opportunity for freelance copywriters than ever before.

If you look closely, the freelancers who are flourishing all have one thing in common – a true specialty that’s based on their unique Copywriting DNA and makes them an expert in their industry.

There’s never been a more important time to become known as a specialist in our fields than right now.

Yet, many freelancers are still afraid of specializing because they worry it will limit their options…

But after a decade of training freelancers, I can tell you with complete confidence that the opposite is true.

When people ask me to recommend a copywriter to them, which is almost daily, they’ve never once said…

“Kev, who would you recommend to write me some super basic copy? Ya know, just something to fill the white space on a web page. One step above lorem ipsum is all I need. Got anyone like that?”

You know why? Because they don’t need me to recommend that person, there are entire job sites full of people who’ll do it for a fiver ??

What they DO ask me for is a copywriter “who specializes in things like…

Facebook ad copy… email sales sequences… storytelling… webinar scripts… cold traffic funnels… YouTube scripts… dialogue driven copy… humor writing…”

And when they do, I instinctively scroll through my mental Rolodex and come up with two or three names on the spot.

Those kinds of connections are far more likely to turn into paid gigs because…

… when a client is looking for a specialist, it means they know exactly what they need, why they need it, and what that skill is worth to their business.

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