Mae Bornillo – Online Business Simplified Program

Mae Bornillo – Online Business Simplified Program

A 12-month mentorship program that helps Social Media Managers & Online Service Providers sign premium clients, increase your confidence and increase your income.
Mae Bornillo – Online Business Simplified Program
MODULE 1 – Your Expertise and Profitable Niche

We’re going to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop service pros/freelancers from growing their businesses: Undercharging, No Lead Flow, and Lack of Confidence in Selling. First, let’s remove the limits of charging low — the likelihood is you’re scared of charging high and scaring potential clients away. The ending is, you may get the clients but don’t hit the income goal.
MODULE 2 – Build your Premium Signature Offer

Next, we’ll design your offer and your price together. We’ll make it a no-brainer for your prospects, and super profitable for you. We’re aiming for a no less than 1500K per month offer, so we can hit our $5k a month goal with just 3-4 sales a month.
MODULE 3 – Market Research: Speak to the Buyers

Next, we’ll dive into a practical Market Research — we don’t sell anything that our target clients won’t buy. You will implement a proven Market Research method and come out of this phase with an offer that your target clients have been looking for and are happy to pay premium price to get.
The result? You’ll have a solid offer priced premium that your target clients are eager to pay for. A number of clients that you can handle so you don’t burnout, while hitting your income goal. This confidence boost will make marketing and sales night-and-day different for you.
MODULE 4 – Create Converting Content

The second problem we’ll solve together is a lack of leads.
As an online service provider, it seems like you’ve got 2 options to generate leads: Pay for expensive ads, or post organic content and hope you get there … slowly. Luckily there’s a better way, and we’ll install it next…
First, we’ll help you create simple Converting Content to live in your profiles so that we establish you as authority. What do clients see first before signing with you? Your profiles to see if you know what you’re talking about. This 30-day content will help you create content good for a month with a balance of knowledge, personality, and call to action. This makes selling so much easier when trust is built beforehand.
MODULE 5 – Direct Outreach (It’s game on!)

Then, I reckon you don’t have a massive audience yet and so instead of waiting, we will do a Direct Outreach. Don’t worry because sleazy tactics isn’t in our books. We only implement honest, real conversations, no tricks. We’ll get you leads in your pipeline and nurture them to become happy paying clients. These are messages that you can adapt and send to your target people.
The Profit Pipeline

In this module, you’re going to learn about our money-machine in OBS called The Profit Pipeline. This is your daily-running system that turns strangers into paying clients. Mastering and learning this system will allow you to continually nurture leads in your audience pool so that you always have hot leads to tap into, bringing you out of the feast and famine cycle. When you know your numbers, you have more certainty and security on your monthly income.
MODULE 6 – Leveraging Facebook Groups

Finally, we’ll widen your reach. We’ll help you get connected to 30-50 new prospects per day. We have the option to go manual and free or you can try out a software we use to automate this process. This waters your lead pool that we’ll work on over the next 12 weeks.
MODULE 7 – Prequalify by Chat (Sell via Chat)

By now, we have hot leads every day, and your sales pipeline is flowing.
The 3rd and final problem is that, if you aren’t a pro, sales are really uncomfortable. We’re not going to try and turn you into someone you’re not. We’ll just set up the sales process that makes conversions easy. Frankly this is where the fun begins. you’re going to learn how to use chat to qualify people. You will get me sell by chat process to prep people and lead them to the sales call where the closing happens.
First up, we’ll use Sell By Chat to pre-qualify, and then if they qualify, turn these chats into booked appointments using a simple message script. It works on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email. Your sales calendar will start to fill.
MODULE 8 – Strategic Sales Calls

Then we’ll use my OBS Sales Call Guide to nail these calls.
In this process, we’ll change how you think about selling. When you love and fully understand your process, you won’t feel resistance in selling because it’ll happen with ease and you’ll want to do it more.
It feels good for you and good for the people you’re selling to.
MODULE 9 – The Nurture Loop & Follow Up

Finally, we’re setting up a tracking sheet for these so when leads go through the above sales process and are not ready yet, you keep them nurtured so when they’re ready to sign, it’s with you and not others.
This is how you get booked out and hit your income goals. We’ll talk about scaling later.
BONUS MODULE – Streamlined Client Onboarding Process

Guest Expert: Keren Ame | Workflow Specialist

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