Magali Peysha – Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training

Magali Peysha  Learning Objectives:

  1. Advanced Energy Reading: Magali Peysha Hone your ability to perceive and interpret energy patterns, enabling you to provide deeper insights and guidance to your clients.
  2. Transformational Coaching Techniques: Learn advanced coaching methodologies to facilitate lasting change, addressing subconscious blocks and guiding clients towards self-discovery.
  3. Energetic Healing Modalities: Explore and integrate additional energetic healing modalities to enhance your coaching toolkit and address a wider range of client needs.
  4. Mastering Intuition: Strengthen your intuitive abilities, fostering a heightened connection with your clients and empowering them to tap into their own intuition.

💡 Whom This Course Is For:

  • Certified Energy Coaches: Take your coaching practice to the next level by acquiring advanced skills and techniques to better serve your clients.
  • Individuals on a Spiritual Journey: Deepen your personal understanding of energy dynamics and spiritual growth, unlocking your own transformative potential.

🔥 Course Features:

  • Advanced Training Modules: Access in-depth modules that delve into advanced energy coaching concepts, techniques, and case studies.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join a community of Level Two Energy Coaches, fostering collaboration, networking, and ongoing support.
  • Certification and Recognition: Receive an official certification upon completion, showcasing your expertise in advanced energy coaching.

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