Mark Peysha – Coaching Practice Launcher

Mark Peysha – Coaching Practice Launcher

Mark Peysha – Coaching Practice Launcher

Unlock the true potential of your coaching practice with Mark Peysha – Coaching Practice Launcher program. In this comprehensive 8-week course, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to create a high-converting coaching offer that reflects your unique strengths and values, resonates with your target audience, and establishes a systematic approach to attract clients.

Category: Business & Career Development
Duration: 8 weeks


Unlike traditional training programs, Coaching Practice Launcher is all about collaboration and co-building. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work closely with Mark as he guides you through the process of crafting your positioning, refining your messaging, and developing compelling content that speaks directly to your ideal clients.

Our unwavering commitment to you: Within just 90 days, you’ll have a refined offer that will bring in at least five new paying clients, and from there, you’ll continue to attract five or more clients every month.

Transformation One: Align With Your Highest Strengths and Values
At the core of a successful coaching practice lies your innate strengths, your authentic presence, and your deeply held values as a coach. Through Mark Peysha’s Strengths-Based Marketing™ system, we’ll help you tap into the strengths that will propel your coaching business to new heights. Discover your deepest values and commitments, fueling you with an unparalleled sense of power, confidence, and unstoppable momentum.

Learning Objectives:

– Identify and leverage your unique strengths as a coach.
– Uncover and align with your core values to drive your practice forward.
– Develop unwavering confidence in your coaching abilities.

Whom this Course is for:
Coaches and aspiring coaches who are eager to supercharge their coaching practice, create a compelling offer, and consistently attract clients that resonate with their unique coaching style and values.

Course Features:
– 8-week immersive program
– Hands-on guidance from Mark Peysha
– Personalized positioning and messaging development
– Strengths-Based Marketing™ system
– Proven strategies for client attraction

Course Price:
Original Price: $1997
Limited Time Offer: Only $215

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to transform your coaching practice and achieve lasting success. Enroll in Coaching Practice Launcher today and take the first step towards a thriving coaching career aligned with your highest strengths and values.

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