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Hi. I’m Matt Diggity…

 My past life I worked as an electrical engineer, working for 60 hours a week in cubicles.
I finally had a total anxiety breakdown.
In the same period an acquaintance had introduced me to the idea of ranking websites, and also earning affiliate commissions. I fell in love with the concept.
It was a necessity, or is it desperation, I chose to find out how I could earn passive income via affiliate SEO.
In the beginning, I believed that you could make only a few hundred dollars a month, but after I realized that there were 4, 5, and 6-figure websites could be yours I was enthralled.

Matt manages one of the most prestigious SEO

happenings around the globe

The road wasn’t always easy
I don’t know the number of thousands of dollars I wasted on trying various SEO techniques that just did not work.
And I don’t even want to think about how many hours or days were spent. Also, I was fined.
At some time, all my websites were fined, and the five figure monthly income I worked so hard to earn disappeared in one day.
I was overwhelmed.
Then at that point, I was able to take things into my own hands.
After I was devastated, was forced to choose between abandoning SEO and returning to my cubicle as well as trying to do it again.
I decided to give it another go but this time I wanted do it my way. As an engineer.
From that point onward I’d test each ranking strategy by myself before applying the same to my sites.
I built hundreds of test websites, in which I’d use different SEO techniques and let Google determine what it wanted to see.
Makes sense, right?
I was getting consistently fast and consistent results, and wasn’t being disqualified.

The Affiliate Lab
Since discovering my freedom via SEO I’ve been forever thankful.
I am a regular participant on Facebook, in Facebook groups, and in consultations and have even started an event because I want people to have this experience.
In a certain moment I was looking to develop an instructional course that would be capable of teaching individuals the techniques to improve rankings and flip affiliate sites using the proven strategies I had been using. I was looking to create the ideal SEO course for affiliates. SEO course.
Thus, The Affiliate Lab was born.

SEO can be a challenge. It wouldn’t be reading this in case you already had it down.
I’ve had my share of disappointments as well…
Websites that do not rank. The money spent on techniques that aren’t working.
This isn’t your fault however. The problem is that the SEO information available on the internet is contaminated with recycled, watered down information from those who aren’t making a living through SEO.
With a tested and proven model built on test results from real tests, SEO starts to make an enormous amount of sense. This is what SEO is all concerning…



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