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Courses available in our bundle


Upgrade your belief systems

and inner programming.

Retune your mindset.

Harness your mind to

transform your reality.

Superbrain Jim Kwik
Uncompromised Life Marisa Peer
Be Extraordinary
Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Marisa Peer
The M Word Emily Fletcher
The Silva Ultramind System Vishen

Heal. Turn back the clock

on aging. Get in the best shape

of your life, without

gruelling exercise or

unsustainable dieting

The Longevity Blueprint Ben Greenfield
The Mastery of Sleep Dr. Michael Breus
10X Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Total Transformation Training Christine Bullock
The Mindvalley Yoga Quest Cecilia Sardeo
The Mindvalley Yoga Quest Cecilia Sardeo
The Way of the Kettlebell Steve Cotter
The Immunity Blueprint Eric Edmeades
Beyond Fasting Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Beyond Fasting Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Explore your inner world.

Reconnect with the essence

of you. Access infinite

inspiration,intuition, peace,

and clarity.

Energy Medicine Donna Eden
Awaken The Species Neale Donald Walsch
Chakra Healing Anodea Judith
Awaken The Species Neale Donald Walsch
Unlimited Abundance Christie Marie Sheldon
Unlocking Transcendence Jeffrey Allen
Duality Jeffrey Allen
The Integral Life Ken Wilber
Life Visioning Mastery Michael Beckwith
A Yogi’s Guide to Joy Sadhguru
Tapping into Emotional Mastery Jennifer Partridge
Experience Lucid Dreaming
The Art of Astral Projection Jade Shaw
Wild Woman Sensuality Rachel Pringle
Becoming More Loving
Quantum Jumping Burt Goldman
Mystic Brain Dawson Church

Discover how to design a

career of authentic purpose,

impact, and fulfilment.

The Quest for Personal Mastery Dr. Srikumar Rao
Business Freedom Blueprint Eric Edmeades
The Power of Boldness Naveen Jain

Uplift the planet with your

work.  Be a legendary leader.

Achieve financial freedom.

Master the art  of persuasion,

influence, and public speaking.

Speak and Inspire Lisa Nichols
Super Reading Jim Kwik
The Habit of Ferocity Steven Kotler
Money EQ Ken Honda
Becoming Focused and Indistractable Nir Eyal
The New Psychology of Winning Denis Waitley

Communicate with greater

empathy and compassion.

Level up your sex life.

Strengthen your relationships

with the people who matter


Conscious Parenting Mastery Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Conscious Uncoupling Katherine Woodward Thomas
Tantra Touch Psalm Isadora
Evolutionary Woman Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Energies of Love Donna Eden & David Feinstein
Magnetic Charisma Vanessa Van Edwards
Partner Programs

Design your personal definition

of success and excel in the 12

dimensions of life. Experience

the complete transformation of

overall health and wellbeing.

WILDFIT Eric Edmeades
Lifebook Online Jon and Missy Butcher

Let be the best version of yourself with minvalley quests

  • Get All the quest’s recordings with complete content.
  • Lifetime access to 50+ quest.
  • Future quests accessible without any additional cost.
  • Accessible everywhere: as we share access on gdrive.

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