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Module 1: VSL & Webinar Conversion Cinematics
This is where it all began.
In this module you’ll get all 22 conversion cinematic elements you need to scale your business to 1, 2, even 10M a month.
You’ll also learn…

​How to get a 110% boost from your VSL without changing the copy.
Split test #19: Speed warping – Get a 10% bump in CVR without changing a single word of the copy. This takes less than 5 minutes to do and can be used on every ad, VSL, and upsell you have.
The exact frequency to add b-roll, jump cuts, and musical transitions to keep viewers engaged.
​When you should use high-quality products and when you should use your iPhone for maximum money making (this can make or break your VSL)
​​How to use conversion cinematics to shape the world and persuade anyone to do (almost) anything you want…
​​When and how to use “tailored omission” to legally mind control your prospects buying emotions
​The TikTok swipe that helped me get a 22% boost in CVR overnight (this can be done in any niche, and takes less than 1 hour)
​How to choose the right spokesperson
​Which voice over accent works best: Canadian, Australian, American, English? The answer will surprise you
​When to have a doctor as your spokesperson and when not too (get this wrong and you’ll destroy conversions)
​Alpha Videos: what they are, how to use them, and how they increase conversions by 23%+
​Niche specific changes – this black-book conversion technique isn’t for the faint of heart, but guarantees conversion boosts (use at your own risk)
​And much, much more…

Without a doubt, this module alone is worth the entire investment in the course…
Because in just 60 short minutes, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to smash any control and scale to the moon…
All without changing a single word of copy.
If you’re a client this can TRIPLE your ROAS allowing you to unlock scale
And if you’re a freelancer, you can get paid handsomely for doing almost no work (and your clients will happily pay because they’ll see such an increase in ROAS)…
But once again, we didn’t stop here…
I’m serious about making Conversion Cinematics the ultimate beat your control masterclass. Which is why you’ll also receive…
Module 2: YT & FB Ads Conversion Cinematics
What good are offers if you can’t get traffic?
Well this module will teach you all the strategies I personally use to write, direct, and create winning YT and FB ads that have scaled millions of dollars in sales.
Rigorously tested with multiple 8-figures in revenue, these 22 conversion cinematics are foolproof and will beat your control without fail.
You’ll also learn…

​How to prime your reader with emotional power punches to unlock the most primitive level of your prospect’s brain and hypnotize them to take action
​The double post production combo that helped improve our YT ads by 100%
​The 4 horsemen of YT: How to extend the life of an ad by 1000% and scale to the moon (we use this exact same technique to run one ad for 6+ months straight at 500k/mo in ad spend without a drop in ROAS)
​When and how to use timers to maximize Attention Retention and improve CTR
​The clickbait intro strategy to turning a winning ad, into 50 creatives
​The correct Br0ll, Ar0ll, and music strategies to mind control your prospect so they watch your entire ad and buy from you
​And much, much more

Combined with the lessons you already put into action from module one, when you finish this section, you’ll be in possession of a powerful one-two punch of PROVEN video conversion cinematics that scale your offer
And regardless if you’re a complete newbie or an experienced marketer…
Once you go through these first 2 modules, I guarantee you’ll be on track to make more money and acquire more customers profitably. Period.
But I set out to make Conversion Cinematics the most detailed storytelling course around…
Which is why you’ll also learn about…
Module 3: TSLs, Landing Pages, Ecom, Shopify, & Upsells
This is where the rubber meets the road.
In this module, you’ll discover the 19 conversion cinematic elements on every single text sales page…
Whether it’s ecom, shopify, upsells, or long form…
Each conversion cinematic element helps you retain customer attention, and print more money without changing the copy.
You’ll also discover…

​The little-known secret to transforming dull, lifeless sentences into action-packed sequences that can’t be ignored (without changing the copy)
The “ limbic brain ecom design” to effortlessly hook your prospects into saying yes – near instantaneously…
How to suck your reader into a vortex of imagery that keeps them hooked like addicts to your story.
​The right and wrong colours to use for every niche (get this wrong and you’ll destroy conversions)
​Trust triggers: what they are and when to use them for maximum AOV
​How to create a winning offer structure (and when to test new ones)
​Pop ups: how to make them, what to include, and when should they pop
​Buy Box mastery: a breakdown of the highest converting buy now box and the 10 elements you need to include
​The upsell redesign that increased CVR by 420% and AOV by $29
​How I’m getting 43-48% take rate on my text based upsells
​And much, much more

Better still, after watching this module…
You’ll have at your finger-tips the definitive, step-by-step checklist to create blockbuster landing pages your market simply cannot help but buy from.
All of these conversion cinematics, incorporated strategically, can give you (or your client) MASSIVE boosts in ROAS, AOV, CVR and profits.
Module 4: Checkout Pages and more.
This course wouldn’t be complete, if I didn’t break down the most overlooked conversion pages on the internet…
These include checkout pages, thank you pages, forgot your password pages and more…
And when done right, they can add up to 30% of bottom line revenue.
Inside, you’ll also learn…

​The #1 mistake checkout page mistake make that tank conversion rates faster than the Titanic
2 step vs 1 step? When to use each one to maximize conversions
The hidden “exit ramps” on your checkout page that burns conversions to the ground
How to create winning order bumps and when to avoid them at all costs
​​Close: Time to bank your reader’s trust for maximum conversions (and unlock eye-popping AOVs)
​The 11 checkout page conversion cinematics that maximize AOV and CVR (proven by over 100M in sales)
​And much, much more

This is the secret sauce that some of the biggest DR companies use to separate themselves from the pack and scale offers to 1000s of buyers a day…
And by the time you’re finished with this module… You’ll NEVER again struggle to beat a control.
Module 5: Emails
Next is emails. Most people think that branded, ecom style emails are the way to go.
Yes, if you do them correctly you can make some money.
But there is a delicate balance of conversion cinematic elements that need to be in place to maximize conversions.
In this module you’ll discover…

​The best font size for the email CTA to maximize conversions (yes, it’s different then the body copy)
​How to instantly make 23% more money from every email you send (without changing the copy)
​1 email split test that increased email revenue by 40% (swipe this)
How to design clicky-images that skyrocket CTR and CVR
​The correct number of links to include in every email to maximize deliverability
​What to do if you hit spam (and how to get out of it)
​The best email design for maximum profits
​And much, much more…

I promise that once you go through this module, you’ll be able to inject rocket fuel into every single of your emails to dramatically increase conversion rate and your income…
All without changing a single word of copy.
Module 6: Branding & Labels
Last but not least is branding. The most overlooked, yet highest needle mover in any business.
Don’t believe me?
Recently we tested the same copy, same sales pages design, everything…
And the only thing we changed is the branding of the product…
The difference?
+ 115% CVR
+ $36 AOV
+ 1M in sales (and growing)
Just from from following my conversion based branding strategies.
You’ll also learn…

My product naming strategy to create wildly loyal buyers and improve brand conversions
​The best “conversion colors” to use for your unique offer and niche
​Breakdown of 7 brands and how they all use converion cinematics to maximize CVR, AOV and profits
​And much, much more…

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