Premium – Bulk GPT 3,000 Word Blog Writer

Premium – Bulk GPT 3,000 Word Blog Writer

Premium What This Tool Can Do:
Premium Put your keywords in column B and it will generate unique high quality 3,000 word articles (“guides”) for each keyword, from a single click.
Produce 10+ 3,000 word posts at a time.
All the articles can be sent straight to your site in one click, including the generated images. (using the free Postie wordpress plugin)
For each post:

Writes 3,000 word blog posts

Wraps each in html tags so it is website ready
Uses a mix of tags to make the content look better and more natural – H2, H3, P, B, UL / LI
Drafts 2 pictures for each post – uses the first by default
5 choices of headlines (page title), 5 url-slugs and 5 meta descriptions
Writes a 10 point FAQ, and valid FAQ Schema to help get Google snippets
Has 2 different export options to get it on to your site quicker

It produces a very natural looking keyword density
98% unique on plagiarism checkers
Easy to use

see tool tips by hovering over cells
You can see and tweak prompts to tailor your results
Drop down to choose which title, url-slug, and meta description
Select skip on row 2 for parts you don’t want to generate
Multiple prompts to choose from for the style of the page title in column K
All the generated images are backed up on to your Google Drive automatically
Red squares provides status updates
If openAI return an error it will try again every 3 seconds

Restarts every 5 minutes to get past maximum execution time

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