Roland Frasier - Consulting For Equity Masterclass

Roland Frasier – Consulting For Equity Masterclass

Roland Frasier – Consulting For Equity Masterclass

Are you a consultant or coach looking to take your business to new heights and secure equity deals that can skyrocket your net worth? The Roland Frasier – Consulting For Equity Masterclass is the ultimate resource to transform your consulting approach and attract high-paying clients who are eager to offer you equity in their businesses.

Course Overview:

In this masterclass, Roland Frasier presents a groundbreaking framework that allows you to attract top-tier clients, command higher fees, and secure equity deals that can lead to exponential wealth. Whether you are a seasoned consultant or just starting, this course will revolutionize the way you do business.

Who This Course Is For:

If you are an Author, Agency owner, SAAS brand, Speaker, Advisor, or High Ticket Coach, this masterclass is tailor-made for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an experienced consultant; Roland’s strategies will enhance your positioning, cash flow, and overall quality of life.

Key Pillars of the Course:

CFE Pillar #1: GROW Your Consulting Business By Attracting Better Clients and Getting Paid Higher Fees

Discover 27 proven lead generation and client acquisition formulas that have been constantly tested and refined. Roland provides you with a copy-and-paste CFE “Level 10 Client” call-out post and email, enabling you to go live quickly and attract your first paying client using the CFE process. Embrace strategic simplicity and let small shifts do the heavy lifting for you.

CFE Pillar #2: The ZERO FEE-RESISTANCE Equity Pre-Frame & Pre-Sell

Learn how to secure equity from clients without resistance by following 33 CFE pre-sell frameworks. With Roland’s CFE Psychology, your clients will want you involved in their businesses, happily paying you and seeking to keep you more engaged.

CFE Pillar #3: World-Class CFE Level 10 Experience Creating Exponential Value

Deliver exceptional consulting experiences with 6 done-for-you CFE Level 10 Experience Frameworks. These frameworks cover crucial areas such as growing sales, boosting profits, executing marketing makeovers, guiding M&A decisions, preparing businesses for sale, and driving value growth. Even if you’re new to consulting, these templates will make you look like a seasoned expert.

CFE Pillar #4: Identify The Best Client Equity Deals and 10-20 Year Wealth Short-Cut Opportunities

Acquiring equity from the right businesses can be a game-changer for your net worth. Roland helps you navigate the process, ensuring you don’t waste time on the wrong deals. He provides you with a $25,000 Day Checklist to open doors for clients and generate substantial immediate cash flow. Secure equity deals that can replace years of slow growth methods and set you on a path to financial freedom.

Learning Objectives:

  • Implement the CFE framework to attract better clients and command higher fees.
  • Understand how to pre-frame and pre-sell equity to clients effectively.
  • Create world-class consulting experiences that result in clients begging you for continued involvement and offering equity.
  • Identify the best client equity deals and opportunities for substantial wealth growth.

Course Features:

This masterclass is a comprehensive and practical guide to mastering the Consulting For Equity approach. The course includes insightful lectures, practical examples, and downloadable resources to assist you in applying the strategies to your consulting business.

Course Price:

Originally priced at $497, you can now access this game-changing masterclass for only $35. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your consulting business and secure your financial future. Enroll today!

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