RSD Luke - Social Circle Blueprint

RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint

RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint

Discover the #1 way to attract the hottest women, access the best venues, and surround yourself with empowering people for a lifetime. RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint course combines Social Circle Game with Cold Approach techniques, offering you a fresh perspective and maximizing your results in every interaction.

Unleash Your Social Potential:

Conquer fears of rejection and approach anxiety while building unshakable self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. Master logistics and escalate interactions effortlessly in high-volume, high-quality environments. Learn the art of pre-selection and leverage social proof to achieve high-impact results with ease.

Unlock High-Status Game:

Demystify club game, table game, and high-value interactions. Learn the secrets to attract 9’s and 10’s, even those you once thought were out of your league. Not only will you enhance your dating life, but you’ll also discover how to save and make money through The Social Circle Blueprint.

Secret Final Module

The Secret Final Module includes topics and footage that would be deemed “too real” to put in the rest of the product, you will enjoy this!
Join The Social Circle Blueprint Tribe!
Everyone who is a part of The Social Circle Blueprint Tribe is dedicated to results.
Everyone who is a part of our group is there to provide value to one another, and to maximize each others’ results.
Become a part of the Tribe and take advantage of the social arbitrage of the group.


– Vegas Immersion Inside Scoop
– Find out exactly how you can build massive amounts of comfort with girls by using my simple qualification technique to have her melt in your arms.


– Luke and Max (Hawaii)
– Take an exclusive sneak peak into our annual instructor retreat with Luke and Max in Hawaii. Get an an inside scoop into Max and Luke’s secrets of how they can self amuse themselves on autopilot. Learn how a simple free association trick can can turn them into the life of party and can generate massive amounts of attraction.


– Attraction Building Sequence
– In this bonus I am going to reveal the my bulletproof attraction sequence that I have previously only revealed on live programs which can help generate attraction any time any place almost effortlessly


– Party Invitation
– Get a chance to attend an exclusive event with Luke to put all your Social Circle Blueprint skills into action and party like a VIP with other likeminded brothers who joined the course like you did.


– This super secret bonus has never been released before and will be a MASSIVE surprise.

Hot Seat Infield Breakdown #1 “Breaking Rapport”

UNRELEASED INFIELD VIDEO of Luke showing you how breaking rapport can be the most effective shortcut to get her attracted to you
Luke and Papa Networking Super-Module
In this EXCLUSIVE interview Luke and Nick go behind the scenes and talk about their personal networking secrets that will allow to get beyond the red rope into high caliber VIP events
Immersion Bonus Training Session #1
Watch Luke dive deep into the advanced logistics and pulling in this unreleased Vegas Immersion Special

Hot Seat Infield Breakdown #2 “Tandem Game”

Threesome game revealed: Watch this Hot Seat breakdown of how Luke pulls a threesome and get his insight on how you can pull this off almost immediately
Luke and Jeff Talking Tables
In this after hours EXCLUSIVE Luke and Jeff go deep and show you how to game yourself so you can take over any VIP table, become the life of the party and start being the center of attention.

Immersion Bonus Training Session #2
In this behind the scenes video of Vegas Immersion Luke shows you how to escalate effortlessly without being branded a creep.

Live Vegas Immersion Training

Get a chance to be selected for an EXCLUSIVE night of Immersion Training by Luke in Las Vegas, Nevada ? along with the Entire Immersion Crew
The Social Circle Blueprint is the most comprehensive program on the market when it comes to building your social circle, elevating your game to the next level, and getting those high-level perks and results that you’re after.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcome fears of approaching and rejection.
  • Develop powerful social circle skills.
  • Master the art of pre-selection and social leverage.
  • Improve logistics and escalate interactions.
  • Attract high-quality partners effortlessly.

Who Is This Course For:

The Social Circle Blueprint is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their seduction and love life. Whether you’re new to the dating scene or looking to elevate your social circle game, this course is for those eager to surround themselves with inspiring people and attract high-quality partners.

Course Features:

  • Comprehensive seduction and love techniques.
  • High-definition infield footage and demonstrations.
  • Practical insights to transform your dating life.
  • Lifetime access to empower your social journey.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity:

For a limited time, access the RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint, originally priced at $497, for only $35. Seize this chance to transform your social interactions, build lasting connections, and unlock a world of exciting opportunities. Enroll now and revolutionize your social life today!

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