7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook 2022 – Depesh Mandalia

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7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook 2022 – For Advertisers That Want Profitable, Predictable, Growth With Meta (Facebook) Ads.
The 7-Figure MAP (Meta Ads Playbook) is designed to:

Build Ads That Attract, Engage, Convert: using principles of psychology and emotion to reach deeper into your ideal prospect?s needs and desires.
Systemize The Way You Build Meta Campaigns: A simple and powerful combination of account setup and scale to balance the technical needs of the Meta ad platform and your media buying skills.
Free Your Time & Headspace To Do Better Things: Avoid the headache of guesswork with a system that puts you in control, allowing you to free up time away from Ads Manager!

Ready To Master Meta Advertising?

Build The Perfect Account

We?ll show you how to ensure you configure your account and campaign structure for long-lasting success.

Attract, Engage, Convert

We?ll show you how to target the right person, at the right time, with the right ad? and convert them for the highest returns.

Test. Optimize. Scale.

We?ll show you how to set up and use a test, optimise and scale system that takes the guesswork and anxiety out of Meta advertising.
Who Can Benefit from The 7-Figure MAP?

Business Owners

Train your team on the cutting edge ways to make Meta Ads more profitable and predictable for your business.
Investing in this program will give you the confidence for your team knowing it?s the same playbooks I?ve used in-house with my own media buying team since 2014 – and it still works!

Ads Strategists

If you?re a strategist then you?re required to stay ahead of the game – The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook is your cheat-sheet in ensuring you have a strategy for the various eventualities that will earn you high praise.
CPMs suffering? Conversion rate down? Need better funnel conversion? Templates for copy and creative? We got the Playbooks for you inside.
Whether you?re in-house or serving clients, we?re going to build the confidence you need to crush it year-round.

Media Buyers

You are at the front-end of all the action. When things go GREAT you?ll be rewarded, praised and respected.
When things go wrong? That?s when pro-level media buyers earn their stripes.
Let The 7-Figure MAP be your cheat-code to ensuring you?re never caught out. We?ve built the playbooks for the scenarios to help you profit and scale, but also how to deal with those painful issues like high CPMs, drop in funnel conversion rates and more.
Whether you?re in-house or serving clients, this is the only Meta Ads training you?ll ever need.


You?re the hybrid type – you?re running your own business, wearing multiple hats.
But you?re also creating ad strategies and media buying. You face the HARDEST role because there just isn?t enough time in the day to do everything.
Which is why The 7-Figure MAP is here to give you a proven structure to simply follow and implement.
Remove the guesswork, get your ads working well and earn back more free-time to focus on your other business priorities – then hand over a working ad account when you?re ready to replace yourself with a dedicated media buyer!
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7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook 2022 – Depesh Mandalia
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