Adult Media King (Akm) Course 2022

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Download Now Adult Media King (Akm) Course 2022. Download This Course For Cheap Price…
The AMK Protocol is a step-by-step video training course that teaches you all you need to know about purchasing adult traffic and never worrying about money again.
It’s divided into five sections, each containing 40+ in-depth “over my shoulder” training videos…
Please keep in mind:
It took nearly a decade of hands-on affiliate media buying expertise for me to discover and construct what you’ll find in this program.
Aside from that, millions of dollars have been spent on adult advertising.
Allow me to break down each module and demonstrate what you’re about to learn:
1st Module
Module 1 lays the groundwork for your media purchasing career, including everything you’ll need to know and do in order to achieve Super Affiliate rank.
Why do the majority of affiliates in the sector fail while some dominate? They have “it,” and in this video, you’ll learn what “it” is.
Take a look behind my back to see what I do in the morning. This is how I prepare for each day’s success and ensure that I have a productive day.
Learn about the single most critical mentality shift that let me break into Super Affiliate territory. (Without this shift, I’d still be flailing around aimlessly, with no clear path to the top.)
Learn all of the industry jargon and traffic network terminology to get ahead of the pack and get a leg up on the competition. (This is for you if you’re a rookie who’s just getting started.)
 2nd Module
In Module 2, I lead you through all of the technical tasks involved in running your first campaign, from purchasing your first domain name and hosting account to setting up your monitoring software.
What is the procedure for registering a domain name? You’ll need a major website to which all of your prospects will be directed to sign up for the offers you’re pushing.
How to get your hosting account up and running. After that, you’ll need a place to keep all of your landing pages.
You’re about to upload your files. I’ll demonstrate how to upload your landing pages to your hosting server step by step.
How to get your tracking software up and running. You will quickly lose money if you do not track your advertising. It’s critical to set up a tracking system.
How to join affiliate networks and be accepted. The networks I recommend joining, as well as general advice on how to get authorized on them.
I reveal the two most important traffic networks I use on a daily basis. Get adult traffic from the biggest sources on the internet, the same ones that Super Affiliates use to scale their campaigns.
Module three
I begin to sprinkle some Super Affiliate gold nuggets in Module 3.
To begin, I go over the many types of adult offers to promote, as well as the compensation models, pre-sell landing pages, ad placements, and banner angles you can use…
However, later in this module, I begin to drop explosives such as…
The Super Affiliate techniques I use to create banners and landing pages that skyrocket click-through and conversion rates, as well as your ROI.
When choosing an offer to promote, most affiliates neglect one of the most critical factors. (It literally determines whether a campaign succeeds or fails.)
My greatest converting offers are revealed, and they’ve been working for me year after year, even now in 2021.
I teach you exactly the ad placements you should start with in order to make the most money as quickly as possible.
Discover the psychology behind some of the most effective converting ads and landing pages in 2021. You’ll be able to develop your own high-converting banners and landing pages after you understand how and why certain creatives convert, and you’ll be able to start pushing the boundaries for yourself.
How to use free browser extensions to manually spy on your competitors. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER Spy on the competition to see what’s already working and put it to use.
Sit back and let bots do the heavy lifting for you with this deep dive into autonomous espionage technologies.
With Photoshop, you can make a really easy banner. Don’t let a lack of design or Photoshop skills keep you from achieving your goals. Let me show you how to make your own banners from scratch, tweak old ones, and even make animated GIFs in the simplest method possible.
4th Module
Things start to get serious in Module 4. I begin by demonstrating how to split down campaigns in order to uncover profit pockets and turn failing campaigns into winners.
Don’t worry if this is your first time; I’ll show you how Super Affiliates build up their campaigns to succeed.
When you have hundreds of campaigns to oversee, how can you avoid being overwhelmed? Discover how the pros plan their campaigns.
When examining your campaign data, discover the most critical indicator to keep an eye on. (It was because of this that I was able to become a Super Affiliate.)
The most important change you can make to your campaigns right now. If you’re not doing this, you’re paying too much for traffic.
The most underutilized targeting options in your campaigns that show pockets of profit. (I promise you have these profit pockets in your losing efforts right now.)
How to push your campaigns to their limits to get the most out of them – This is split testing like a pro…. Super Affiliate, to be exact.
Module No. 5
Module 5 is entirely dedicated to all things Super Affiliate, with no holds barred and all of my high-level strategies open to you.
Learn how to tell the difference between a regular affiliate and a Super Affiliate. HINT: It’s having a leg up on the competition. What do you mean by that? So, in this video, I’ll demonstrate.
How to grow your business to $X, XXX figure profit days.
How to boost your return on investment. Learn about two hidden targeting choices that most affiliates overlook when creating campaigns.
How to make your landing page load as quickly as possible. HINT: If you load slower than your competitors, they’re essentially removing money from your wallet.
How to go beyond manual and automatic surveillance to find out what your competitors are up to on their landing sites. And how to avoid them employing the same strategies on you.
Insider knowledge on how to manipulate traffic network algorithms to your benefit. Use these strategies to gain an advantage over your competitors.
How can you determine whether you’re overpaying for traffic by bidding too high on an ad placement? Normally, traffic networks keep this information hidden from you, but I show you how to figure it out for yourself in this video.
Photoshop expertise is required. PLUS, where to look for eye-catching images for high banner CTR and other high-level strategies.
Access to my personal Rolodex of Traffic Networks. To enhance your campaign portfolio, get all of my go-to traffic networks.
For Adult offerings, I expose the greatest quality “out of the box thinking” traffic sources. The highest EPCs can be found here. Furthermore, I show you how to go out and find more of your own sources.
How to gain an extra 10-20% ROI from your campaigns – instantaneously and with no more effort.


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