Champagne Client Content – Kit Mariah Coz

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Champagne Client Content – Kit Mariah Coz

This isn’t just any old “content marketing.” This is elevated, sophisticated, Champagne Client Content Marketing.
These are content topics designed to convert followers and subscribers into students, clients and raving fans. Content templates and themes specifically created to sell more courses and coaching programs – without being heavy handed or “sales-y”. I’m talking about content so good, so potent, so resonant that it leads people to your funnels, webinar registration pages and high ticket application pages in droves!
You want to create and share content that inspires, educates, provides value…and moves people to buy your courses and premium group programs!
But you don’t know what to say, send, post or publish to actually get people to register for your webinars, apply for your high ticket programs, or buy your courses and coaching without sounding pushy, pitchy or sales-y. That’s where the Champagne Client Content Kit comes in! Never get stuck staring at a blank page again. Whether you blog, podcast, make youtube videos, livestream, send emails or post on social media – we got you covered with timeless evergreen content themes that never go out of style.

People ask me every day, “Mariah, how can I share free content that inspires people to enroll in my courses and programs WITHOUT giving away all the content in my curriculum?”

This template pack and mini-course is the answer – and so much more. There is a HUGE difference between free content and paid content.
It took me years and years and lot of trial and error to nail the nuanced dance of sharing killer free content that people get tons of value from – with the “sales flair” that turns a piece of free content into a traffic-driving sales force!
“Sales flair” is that magic, almost invisible fairy dust we sprinkle on all of our content to turn free value posts into sales machines!

Never run out of ideas for what to send, say, post or publish ever again.
No more overteaching and wondering why nobody is buying your courses or programs when you “give so much away for free”.
No more overthinking every single thing you post and wondering if it will move the needle – you know these content themes and templates are proven to attract clients.
No more staring at a blank page!
Our content marketing strategy naturally, organically leads to your paid program or premium course without being heavy handed.
It’s the best of both worlds: the content feels super valuable but also sells your offer through authentic storytelling!

These content marketing templates and trainings work for any platform or content format you can imagine.
These are universal, evergreen, timeless content themes and topics that work for ANY platform or form of publishing from emails to blogging to podcasting to social media and livestream videos!
You can use the topics and themes as full-length content like blogs, podcasts or videos, or apply the principles to micro-content for Reels, TikToks or Shorts. The ideas are platform agnostic!

I’ve spent the last 7 years working closely with course creators, high-end coaches and CEOs on their courses, group programs, evergreen funnels, sales systems, and enrollment events.
In that time, I’ve worked with thousands of students and hundreds of hands-on clients, and have been lucky enough to mentor many of the top course creators and coaches on their marketing strategy.
As the seasons change, as the industry shifts, as algorithms go rogue, as circumstances continue to fluctuate day to day – we know that there are strategies and principles that remain timeless and evergreen.
Content that we published years ago continues to attract clients to our programs every day. Our emails inspire our audience to apply, enroll and tell all their friends. We’ve built a brand around publishing content that is highly valuable, but also highly converting!

People have been asking me for something like this for years. Until now, they ONLY way to get access to our high level content strategy was inside our premium coaching programs and masterminds.
Now, I’ve compiled all of my content strategy into one place – the trainings, templates, worksheets, and tools that we personally have used to grow a multi-million dollar brand online.
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