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Get now Chase Dimond – Master Campaign Calendar Guide. Download Master Campaign Calendar Guide by Chase Dimond.

The Master Campaign Calendar Guide by Chase Dimond is a PDF that contains 96 different email campaign ideas to help you send for your own or someone else’s brand throughout the course of the year.
Think of things like advertising during prom season, Facebook contests and giveaways on Halloween, back-to-school promotion in September, and more! For each type of campaign, I’ve included 2 -3 actual examples along with subject lines and preview text so you can use it as inspiration when creating campaigns yourself.
Additionally, there are explanations about why/what makes these types of emails successful at driving conversions based on real data from companies who have tried them before–I hope this helps make up some ground if feeling lost about which strategy would work best for what kind of audience

With the Chase Dimond Master Campaign Calendar Guide, you can create an engaging, targeted and effective campaign. Use these tips and tactics to impress customers at every stage of their buying process


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