Craig Ballantyne’s – Millionaire Morning routine + (OTO Billionaire Time Matrix)

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The real Secret to Success
Have you ever wondered what makes some people attain incredible success while others who are equally gifted and hardworking have to struggle to survive?
Do you work long hours of work only to come home exhausted tired, stressed, and underpaid?
Are you feeling rushed and behind in your schedule? While you are working at work, do you feel that weeks, days, and even months go by without there is nothing that changes in your life?
So, the positive news is that after having mentored thousands of people including office workers and young professionals busy parents and moms and some of most successful entrepreneurs I’ve observed that the difference between being average and MASSIVE success is usually just one factor.
In all my coaching experience of 17 years the most dramatic shifts have taken place whenever my clients have done this particular thing.
I’ve assisted an unemployed couple to do it and be successful in their first venture…
… I’ve assisted a timid copywriter and overcome the difficulty of obtaining an individual client to taking on more work than he could manage in just five years…
… I’ve helped a busy chef achieve control of his life so that the business can expand while still making the time to spend with his spouse and six ( yes, s-i-x!) children…
… I’ve assisted a best-selling writer and personal trainer to earn more money and decrease stress and to become a better mother and spouse…
… In fact, I’ve assisted one of the executives of a billion software company accomplish more within the first two hours of the day than he would complete in an typical 8-hour working day.
This is just the beginning!
We’ll be sharing more remarkable success stories in only one minute. First, you’re likely thinking about this one thing that will make all the difference to your success?
Believe it or it’s not the case that the secret is…


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