Dr Jilesh Thilakan – 7 Chakras Meditation

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Dr Jilesh Thilakan – 7 Chakras Meditation | 607 MB

Dr Jilesh Thilakan 7 Chakras Meditation
Learn to Heal Balance and Activate your Chakras by using Quantum Codes
Those who want to learn the basics of chakras and more curious about learning ancient sacred codes and how to use them to heal several areas of their life can enroll

In this course, you will learn about Sacred Codes the mathematics from another dimension, and, basically, they are numbers that
move certain energies.
You will discover 7 Sacred Numerical Codes and how to use them to heal several areas of your life.
The Chakra System is an ancient map detailing the 7 primary energy centers and the 5 elements of the body-mind-spirit.
As each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body and can become blocked by holding onto stress and negative emotions. Practicing these techniques offered in this course can help to release these blocks and allow energy to flow freely throughout the body providing a sense of newness, feeling a whole, and a strong connection to the self.
Chakra meditation by using quantum codes is one method of meditation, Which involves tapping into your seven chakras and accessing the power associated with each chakra.
1) Tune and balance the chakras.
2) Increase the flow of energy throughout the system.
3) Develop mental, physical, and emotional balance.
4) The strength to go after what you want.
5) Develop incredible willpower.
6) Increase sense of self-worth.
7) Greater ability to heal yourself.
8) The ability to transform negative into positive.
9) Ease Anxiety.
10) A clearer and more focused mind.
11) Become more intuitive.
And much more.
If that sounds exciting please enroll today.

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