Eddy Quan – Pimp Your Twitter

Eddy Quan What You’ll Learn In Pimp Your Twitter?

Eddy Quan Day 1: The Power of Building a “You, Inc” business
Understand this mindset and you’ll never look at Twitter the same way again
Day 2: The Anatomy of a Six Figure Personal Brand
Your personality is the USP of your Twitter account because it’s the one thing NO ONE can copy.
I’ll show you how to this to build an audience of hungry buyers even if you don’t have a product or service to sell yet
Day 3: The Sniper Technique
Discover the Sniper Technique of creating magnetic content that builds you a highly engaged audience of hungry customers and fans that love to throw money at you
Day 4: A Primer on Writing High Engagement Tweets
Tweet writing is a skill.
I’ll slash your learning curve in half by showing you the exact formulas I use to write tweets both for my account and my ghostwriting clients.
Day 5: How to Build Your Own VIP Lounge on Twitter
Growing your following from zero has little to do with going viral and everything to do with building valuable relationships with other creators.
I’ll reveal the five best ways to do this on the bird app
Day 6: A Shortcut to Get Maximum Followers in Minimum Time
If you’re in a rush to get your first 1,000-2,000 followers in record time or you want to grow your current following as fast as possible, THIS module is as close to a secret as you’ll find anywhere
Day 7: Five Proven Ways to Monetize Your Brand

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