Emotional Mastery – Charisma On Command

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Emotional Mastery – Charisma On Command

Emotional Mastery is broken into 24 separate days plus bonus modules. You can go through the modules at the recommended pace of one per day or slow down and go through the program at your own pace.
It is all about taking small, concrete steps every day so that after 24 days, you have made massive strides.
Just remember, this course isn’t about acquiring knowledge. Regurgitating the lessons and even knowing their names is worth nothing. It’s about the experience of actually doing the daily exercises.

Module 1: Installing Joy

Breaking down 5 self-development myths that are counterproductive at advanced levels, like “fake it til you make it” and “don’t accept anything beneath your standards”
The 3 levels of belief and how to simultaneously rewire all 3 (most approaches will hit only 1, 2 max)
Reconnecting with repressed joy – many times to fit in, we ratchet down our positive feelings
Setting up your baseline level of daily joy to be higher
Doing self-improvement from a foundation of self-love rather than feeling like you’re “not enough”

Module 2: Removing Subconscious Limitations

Addressing the 6 foundational negative emotions that drive limiting behaviors
Uncovering childhood “vows” that are holding back your life in the shadows
Uncovering negative blind spots that are unconsciously holding you back
Working through hidden “trauma” – yes, everyone carries some with them and simply “knowing” your issues does not stop them from affecting you
Releasing patterns of stress, anger, and fear that are coming out in destructive ways

Module 3: Embracing Your Authentic Purpose

Stop basing your career decisions around impressing other people or keeping up with the Joneses
Tap into inspiration and motivation for a career or project that lights you up and helps other people

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