Jeanette Milio – Your Step by Step Guide

Jeanette Milio What You’ll Learn In Your Step by Step Guide to Producing a $1 to $3 Million Movie?

Jeanette Milio Session 1: Create a Project That Sells and Delivers on Screen
Not every genre and not every script works for distribution in the US and abroad. Knowing what kinds of stories sell is the essential first step. Securing and protecting the idea is as important as developing a strong script that can attract meaningful talent, distribution, and financing. It is critically important to know how to break down that script into a budget that delivers a high production quality as well as a commercial film.
What sells where – Choose the right genre that sells in the US and abroad

The Rights – Secure the rights to a project and apply the most optimal terms

The Story – Develop a strong story and apply techniques that help sell it

Packaging – Attract the right director and cast, and apply appropriate terms

Budgeting – Important steps to consider when budgeting a low-budget script

Session 2: Sales and Distribution
Low-budget films have the advantage in that they can make a huge profit from distribution. But they often also have the disadvantage of not getting any distribution at all. A large percentage of low-budget films never make it on the silver screen. In this week’s session, we’ll discuss the steps low-budget producers should know to make sure they get distribution and what options are available to optimize distribution revenues.
Distribution – Understand your options for distribution, and avoid the most common pitfalls

Distribution Value – Understand the value of your film in the marketplace today

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