Justin and Sarah – Sale A Day

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Justin and Sarah – Sale A Day Download
Create a Mini Workshop that brings in sales every day

How Sale-A-Day Works

1. Step-by-step track to launch your best-selling Mini Workshop
Hop into the membership today and open up the step-by-step Mini Workshop track.
This is the exact process we’ve used to sell over 10,000 Mini Workshop tickets.
We’ll help you choose a workshop topic, build your checkout system, sell tickets, plan your actual content, host an epic online workshop, and evergreen it so you can wake up to sales every day.
We’ve got written instructions, tech tutorials, and fill-in-the-blank templates for every single step.

2. Monthly Sale-A-Day template pack that makes selling your workshop a breeze
Launching your workshop is just the beginning. Next up…making daily sales! 
Every month, we’ll release a brand new Sale-A-Day template pack. 
Inside you’ll find content prompts & fill-in-the-blank templates to get your workshop marketing done in a flash. 
Kick back, wake up to workshop sales, and spend more time doing what you love.

3. Incredible humans supporting you at every step of the way
If you need feedback, a mid-launch pep talk, or an extra bit of accountability, the community has your back!
Hop into the 24/7 private Circle group to ask questions, or join the next live Q&A call and get real-time guidance.

And launching your workshop is just the start! Look at what else your Mini Workshop can do for your business…

We love Mini Workshops because they changed the way we do business — for good

We’ve launched workshops in multiple niches (business and non-business topics).
We’ve sold 10,000+ Mini Workshop tickets.
We’ve generated multiple millions of dollars in post-workshop revenue.
The best part?
We’ve found out how to do it really simply! 
Sarah’s been known to launch a workshop with nothing but a Google Doc, a PayPal link, and 10 ugly Keynote slides.
Justin’s sold out entire workshop sessions with one 2-sentence Facebook post (and less than 1,000 followers).
Now, as a team of 10, we help business owners all over the world launch their own Mini Workshops — and do it the simple way.
And it all happens inside the Sale-A-Day membership.

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