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Make a quiz that will increase your audience, list, and sales.

Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist

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The step-by-step instructions for creating a quiz like mine?




Obtaining Leads


Only in the last 12 months has revenue been generated.

Brand-building conversion devices are quizzes.

They create leads, boost subscribers, and grow your audience in a fun and natural way for both you and your audience.

I?ve developed a tried-and-true method for creating, testing, and launching a successful quiz. And for the first time ever, I?m going to reveal alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


Quizzes are a low-cost, engaging way to create an engaged audience that will buy more of your product.

Quizzes may be found all over the internet (Buzzfeed, anyone?).

Whereas some quizzes are only recreational ?

Others are bringing in money for their founders.

(And, more importantly, the lives of people who use it!)

So, what?s the difference between a fun quiz and one that?s changing lives and driving sales?

Absolutely everything, Watson. Allow me to explain?

Have you tried #allthethings to expand your mailing list?

Making ?content upgrades? that are never downloaded?

Dancing clumsily on IG Reels that will never be seen?

Spending money on Facebook ads that don?t convert?

Or even just wanting, hoping, and planning for others to find you ? but not taking action?

(I?ve been there and bought the T-shirt.)

If you?ve ever found yourself thinking:

Surely there must be a better way!

? I have exciting news for you.

Yes, there is. It?s also a quiz that generates leads!

Early in my brand-building career, I came across the idea of a lead generating quiz (perhaps you?ve taken mine? ), and it continues to outperform every other lead generation technique I?ve attempted. (I?ve tried everything!)

However, my quiz wasn?t always a success. To acquire the results I get now, I had to alter, adjust, and perfect the experience, funnel, and follow-up.

(However, because I?m here to share what I?ve learned with you, your learning curve will be quicker.)


Even for the most astute businesses who have jumped on the ?quiz train,? too many quizzes aren?t performing to their full potential due to a frequent problem.

When quiz methods fail, it nearly always happens in one of these five key areas:


Creating the WRONG QUESTION TYPE. Only three of the five categories are effective when marketing to a chilly audience. (AKA, trying to expand your audience and reach out to new people.)


Speeding through the TOPIC SELECTION and coming up with something simple and apparent rather than anything strategic and valuable.


The quiz?s QUESTIONS & LOGIC are irrelevant or predictable, leaving users dissatisfied with their results.


The LEADS & SALES experience after the quiz isn?t optimized. It isn?t enough to encourage folks to take our quiz; it must also direct them to one of our offers.


To advertise the quiz, there is no continuing MARKETING SYSTEM. People accept it, put it behind them, and move on with their lives. (Womp, womp, womp.)

If you have an old quiz lying around, this is a NO JUDGMENT zone!

In early versions of my quiz, I was guilty of several of these errors. Over the years, I?ve had to significantly optimize and enhance my quiz. I simply took advantage of the early momentum as a proving ground. I?m excited to share what I?ve learnt with you so you can see results from your quiz FASTER!



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