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The Oura Course is the complete step by step guide that you’ve been looking for in order to start and scale an online business in 2022 in a completely untapped industry – Managing OnlyFans Models. This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to set up your agency and online presence in a professional manner, and will also provide advice on which design and social media set ups work best. In addition, this course includes free softwares that you can use to maximise growth, as well as information on when, where and how you should be posting in order to drive organic growth. Once you have completed this course, you will be able to find clients and generate a huge amount of conversations.
What’s inside:
Phase 1
Set up

Learn how to set up your agency and online presence in a professional manner that will enable future success

Advice on which design and social media set ups work best
Phase 2
Getting clients (Models)

Now that you have everything set up in the correct way and are looking credible online, it’s time to find clients

Where to find the best models to reach out to
Phase 3
Printing money

Now it is time to drive traffic and subscribers to your models OnlyFans
Phase 4

Now it is time to delegate your work and employ your first staff members to begin making almost passive income

Where to find these chatters and how to interview them to ensure a great fit

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