Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist

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Email Marketing Specialist What You Get:

Email Marketing Specialist Intro
Bonus Lesson – How to Use Split Testing for Optimal EPC
My Secret Strategy To Get A List Rush Of Hyperactive USA Leads & Subscribers
How I Was Able To Get 7,751 Affiliates To Promote My Product To Break CB’s Record
My 20 Million Dollar Formula

*The Golden Key Bonus Pack*
This complimentary, side-by-side bonus training enhances Matt’s strategy even further. These 5 massive bonuses will give you even more of an edge in your business…

List Building Tactical Training

In-depth over-the-shoulder training course on how we set up and grow our email marketing list.
Learn how to upload your buyers and subscribers, optimize your list with segments and tags, create sequences and automations, and valuable tips on engaging content and re-engaging your prospects.

The Work While You Sleep Strategy

Don’t want to run anything yourself? Hire someone else! Whether it’s voice presenters, script writers, admin tasks or anything else, get other people to do it all for you while you concentrate on building your business and making money (or sleeping, or sitting at a beach!)
This video goes deep into where to find fantastic workers, how to properly vet and hire them, how to divide tasks and everything else with outsourcing.

Entourage Growth


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