Neil McCoy-Ward – The ULTIMATE Macro

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The ULTIMATE Macro What You Get:
Chapter 1 – Introduction

1.1. Course Overview (What’s Included In The Course)
1.2. What You’ll Need & Top Tips For SUCCESS!
1.3. Diversifying Your Risk When Investing
1.4. Getting The Right Advice, Historical Averages & Avoiding SCAMS
1.5. The 3 Things GREAT Companies Do Exceptionally Well
1.6. Why Great Company Leadership Is KEY

Chapter 2 – Setting Yourself Up For Investment Success!

2.1. Fiscal Vs Monetary Policy (& How This Effects Asset Prices))
2.2. CRUCIAL Investing Questions You Must Answer Before You Even Spend A PENNY!
2.3. How Many Years Of Earnings Do You Have Left?
2.4. Future Financial Planning Exercise
2.5. Planning & Calculating Your Future Lifestyle
2.6. Understanding How INFLATION & Compound Interest Affects Your Financial Future

Chapter 3 – Economic History & The Market Cycles

3.1. Our Economic History Shows Us The Future
3.2. Studying The Historical Averages of Stock Markets
3.3. DOW Jones Analysis (Historical to 1915)
3.4. S&P Analysis (Historical to 1928)
3.5. Real S&P500 Index With Time to Recovery (Historical 1900)
3.6. The S&P500 Dividends Returns (Historical Calculator)
3.7. How Bretton Woods Created A Global Privilege For The USA
3.8. 1971 – The Year That Broke the Financial World Forever
3.9. Studying The Causes & Lessons of The Great Depression
3.10. Analysing The Causes of The 2008 Great Recession

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