Organic Tiktok Academy – Jimmy Farley

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Organic Tiktok Academy – Jimmy Farley

Jimmy Farley Join the fast track lane to mass growth on TikTok for business or personal brand. Learn the principles behind all the top creators and brands on TikTok. And if you truly apply the concepts and don’t see any growth on your TikTok account within 60 days, get your money back.

Learn how to pump millions of eyeballs towards your offers with a $0 marketing budget…

I’ll be sharing all of the secrets and principles I’ve found can make numbers like this a reality.
What would 200 million completely free views do for your personal brand or business? For my brand it did just under 7 figures in revenue completely organically and that was through all of my mistakes along the way as well…
So What Should I Expect in this Damn Course?
In short, Organic Tiktok Academy will touch on all the principles and strategy behind going viral on TikTok.
But to be more specific, some of the major topics include:

How the algorithm works
Secret techniques to sparking engagement
How to turn views into real $$$
Disproving common misconceptions
The best repurposing practices
How to find the best trends and sounds
Building yourself a content strategy
Why certain accounts work and other’s don’t

And of course more as well.. Notably including a 15 minute consulting call from me (to make sure I can help you get on the right path) and my personal swipe file of great accounts in different niches.
Some things not to expect are: Information on paid ads on TikTok, influencers, and specific business advice outside of TikTok marketing.

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