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ProEDU Collection JUNE 2021

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ProEDU Collection JUNE 2021 Download now

Step into world-renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut’s office to interpret the lighting and thought process that went into the locker room scene in the blockbuster hit Semi-Pro.

Begin by reading the Semi-Pro script along with Shane Hurlbut and the direction he was given from Director Kent Alderman. Dissect the daunting challenge of lighting 5-7 main characters with different skin complexions, from a videographer’s point of view. Learn how to add punch to the key moments in a scene by giving purpose to everything in the lighting setup and making the most emotional impact on the viewer.

Go on set in the locker room with Shane and the actors to rehearse the scene, refine the shot list and learn about light motivation. Watch as Shane explains timeless and classic lighting that doesn’t go out of date that he’s learned from experienced directors of photography and cinematographers, such as Rembrandt lighting.

Understand the importance of being able to light a scene effectively and efficiently. Go behind the scenes with Shane as he shows you his technique to quickly light a room, each crew member’s responsibilities, and the timing of lighting in relation to filming. Learn Shane’s specific lighting gear and accessories and where he places them to define a specific lighting style that quickly creates contrast, mood and shape from any angle.

ProEDU – Narrative Photography & Retouching – The Science Of Color Part 2 with Kate Woodman

Narrative photography is the art of using your photos to tell a story. When viewers can relate to a story or in your photography, they are more compelled to feel emotion or take action.

Kate Woodman, instructor of PRO EDU’s The Science of Color, is back with an inspirational tutorial on storytelling. Whether you’re a commercial photographer, working on a personal project, or specializing in portraiture or landscapes, narrative photography is the answer that will add complexity and depth to your work.

In this course, Kate uses a case study of her invention to tell a romantic and mysterious story. Follow along as she shoots 2 models in 6 different, color-coordinated rooms. Learn her lighting, framing, and color thought processes as she directs the models and makes calculated changes to get her desired result.

In each of the six color coordinated rooms, Kate shows the location, explains the props, frames the shot, and sets up the composition according to the tone of the Narrative Arc. She directs the models explaining her thought process on each model’s hair, makeup, wardrobe and styling so the emotions of the characters are drawn out through camera. Kate talks about why she chose her gear including camera, camera settings, and lenses for this image. As she begins shooting, she makes changes in the lighting, props, color temperature, and styling to add to the authenticity and believability of the scene. Once Kate has made intentional decisions about the image she wants, she makes adjustments and takes final images as well as a backplate. Back at the studio, Kate explains her entire workflow for editing and color grading using actions.

ProEDU – Cityscape Masterclass – Retouching For Lightroom & Photoshop With Serge Ramelli

Cityscapes with Serge Ramelli explores iconic city’s around the world to give you an introduction to composition, settings, and retouching of cityscapes.

This 28 lesson tutorial explores iconic city scapes worldwide with Serge Ramelli. Jump straight into his post-production workflow on how he’s edited some of his favorite cityscapes worldwide. He shows you everything in post-production starting in Lightroom and also working in Photoshop.

This course will take you through 5 hours of lessons primarily focused in Lightroom where Serges shows you how to bring your cityscapes to life in post-production with his recipes and techniques. Serge shows you iconic locations of images from Europe and the USA with 30 retouching projects with RAW files included. This course will show you professional-grade techniques for creating the best cityscape shots in post-production – and the secret behind his most popular cityscape photos.

ProEDU – Introduction to Capture One with Pratik Naik
Learn Capture One Pro Workflow
Capture One Pro is a comprehensive 101 level course designed for photographers and retouchers to learn the most powerful RAW processing & post-production workflow program available today. Capture One Pro is highly regarded as an industry leading software and continues to provide professionals with the best tools to take their images to the highest quality available.

Distinguished retoucher and instructor Pratik Naik invites you to a structured 6-hour course on learning the essentials of Capture One Pro 9. This 19 part video series, begins with covering workspaces, catalogs, library management, and then delves into a thorough explanation of Sessions vs. Catalogs and everything in between to familiarize the viewer with Capture One’s powerful file management system. Pratik goes on to demonstrate the ease of using Capture One Pro 9 through his patient and thorough teaching methods. This course is a well-organized approach to a comprehensive program that is essential to photographers that want to get the most out of a RAW file. You don’t have to search through hours of video to find what you need to harness the power of Capture One Pro, because we’ve organized the content for you, so you can easily reference the sections you want, from any device.

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