Quantum Geometry 2022 – Adam Apollo

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Quantum Geometry 2022 – Adam Apollo

Quantum Geometry A Resonance Academy Elective from Faculty Member Adam Apollo

It  is a field of study that combines elements of quantum mechanics and geometry to understand the fundamental structure of spacetime at microscopic scales. It seeks to describe the geometry of spacetime in a quantum framework, taking into account the principles of quantum theory.

In classical physics, geometry provides a framework to describe the shape and properties of objects and spaces. Quantum geometry aims to develop mathematical models and frameworks that can describe the quantum nature of spacetime.

  1. Loop Quantum Gravity: Loop quantum gravity (LQG) is a specific approach to  that seeks to quantize the gravitational field.
  2. Emergent Spacetime: In certain approaches to , spacetime emerges as a collective behavior or approximation of more fundamental constituents.
  3. Here are a few more aspects and related concepts within the field of :
    1. Geometric Quantization: Geometric quantization is a mathematical procedure that aims to associate quantum mechanical operators with classical observables in a way that respects the underlying geometric structure.
    2. Quantum Groups: Quantum groups are algebraic structures that generalize the concept of a Lie group and incorporate quantum effects.
    3. Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: Quantum gravity phenomenology aims to explore the potential observational and experimental consequences of quantum gravity effects.
    4. Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spacetime: Quantum field theory on curved spacetime combines quantum field theory with general relativity.


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