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Rebelway – Explosion Fix In Houdini Weeks 1 – 3

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Rebelway – Explosion Fix In Houdini Weeks 1 – 3 Download now

• Intro to voxels and how to manipulate and create
• volume data in Houdini.
• Intro to dops and smoke solver.
• How does a smoke solver works.
• Fume FX, Maya Fluids, and why Houdini Stands out.
• Houdini 18 And Sparse solver

Week 02
• Create various otls that we will use throughout the workshops (custom constraint, geometry prep, destruction, etc…)
• Create an advanced layering system that will allow us to handle a lot more geometry very efficiently.

Week 03
• Bending and secondary fracturing.
• Environment destruction and geometry preparation.
• Setting the environment bullet and constraint system.

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