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Investing Course COURSE MODULES:

Lecture 1 – Altcoin Market Cycles
This lecture introduces Altcoin Market Cycles and why you should learn about them.
Lecture 2 – Altcoin Bull and Bear Markets
This lecture focuses on segmenting Altcoin Market Cycles into periods of low- and high-profitability.
Rekt Capital shares metrics he personally finds useful in determining topping-out signs on Altcoin trends.
Lecture 3 – Bitcoin Halving Effect On Altcoins
This lecture is dedicated to exploring the Bitcoin Halving effect on the prices of Altcoins. Bitcoin’s price changes associated with the Halving will be examined in the context of how Altcoins
Lecture 4 – Altcoin Hype Cycles
This lecture is about the seasonality in Altcoin price appreciation and depreciation.
Lecture 5 – Altcoin Correlations
Lecture 6 – Altcoin Lag Cycles
Learn about Altcoin/USD cycles and the Altcoin/BTC cycles that follow.

Investing Course Learn how to spot the money-making opportunities in this alt coin investing course. You’ll learn all the basics of altcoin investing, including how to buy and sell them on exchanges, what to look out for when buying popular coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, why it’s important to diversify your holdings and more



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