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What You Learn With Earnings Engine
6 High-Probability Setups Designed Specifically for Trading Earnings Reports
After studying 590 earnings plays, Sami broke them up into 6 different setups.
Each one has its own criteria, and works in a specific situation. Between these 6 patterns, you’ll find countless trading opportunities every single earnings season. (10 or more a day sometimes, and it doesn’t take long)
1. The Pullback Play: For stocks that pull back in a specific type of uptrend
2. The Breakout Play: For stocks that are ready to break out on earnings
3. The Transition A: For stocks exhibiting a specific type of basing behavior
4. The Transition C: For downtrending stocks about to gap down on earnings for big short profits
5. The Run Play: For stocks ‘running’ into resistance/support
6. The Unfilled Gap: For stocks approaching an unfilled gap
Each pattern is easy to learn, and easy to implement, with simple instructions. There is no guessing involved.
Trade Metrics: Actually Getting In and Out of Positions
Patterns are worthless unless you know exactly how to put them to work.
So Sami gives you extensive guidance in trade implementation, including:
Scanning: Quickly assemble an ‘Earnings Hit List’ of stocks to target each day. And more importantly, learn which stocks to avoid, based on volume and setup quality.
Entry: You’ll be amazed at how simple the entry process is. Sami also explains how his trading platform is set up for earnings.
Share Sizing: Learn an easy system for share sizing, and determine what level of risk is appropriate for you.
Trade Management: Get Sami’s exact trade management parameters so you can maximize your reward:risk. Also — and this is VERY important — learn when to get out of a trade, take profits, and move on.
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