Ted Nicholas – Magic Words That Grow Your Business

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The Secret to Earning Millions Is Simply Using the Right Words
Words, not numbers are the true currency of business.

The words we use every day have a life-altering impact. The right words bring you success and everything you want in life – the wrong ones, poor results and failure.
Here are some examples. When two words were added to the headline of an ad, sales increased by 500 per cent! A simple five-word phrase spoken on the telephone by telemarketers increased sales by 300 per cent! A single word printed on a display package doubled sales for a $150 million cosmetic company.
Nightingale Conant presents one of the most talked about wealth-generating programs ever recorded. It’s called MAGIC WORDS THAT GROW YOUR BUSINESS by Ted Nicholas.
The MAGIC WORDS program was recorded at a special live seminar conducted by Ted Nicholas. Ted is a millionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. He reveals all his secrets of success. He holds nothing back.
Using exactly the right word makes all the difference! Surely you have searched for just the right words in preparing a letter, presentation, or ad that will win the day. Ted shares all the words he has discovered which work like a charm.
He reveals how, having found and confirmed by tests the power of these “magic words”, Ted formed 24 U.S companies. Then he was able to profitably market over a billion dollars worth of products and services throughout the world. By 1991, he had sold his companies, moved to Switzerland, and retired.
But after a few months, Ted Nicholas got bored with retirement. He knew that “magic words” result in big success for anyone who uses them. So he began doing seminars to help others grow their companies using his hard-won lessons.
Marketing is the Key. Of course, no matter how good a product or service, every successful business must have good marketing. Marketing rests inherently on communication. This has never been more true than in today’s information age – communication in meetings, in speeches, in writing (as in correspondence, sales letters, ads, brochures, shipping cartons) on radio or BizLearning, or by sales representatives. Each word used produces a result.
Words can be thought of as tools of marketing. The right ones can easily increase, but the wrong words are “turn-offs” and must be avoided.
Human behaviour is clearly not rational. It’s proven that people buy primarily for emotional reason. “Magic words” help create an emotional state. These words have the power to make people laugh, cry, march for peace, go to war, and even construct great cathedrals. And build great businesses!
“Magic words” can also enhance a company’s image – and touch “hot buttons” that make people buy!
Here is what you’ll discover during the MAGIC WORDS THAT GROW YOUR BUSINESS program.

How to think like a millionaire! View your business in an entirely new way, assuring an ongoing flow of profits and repeat business (the “ice cream cone” theory). Many have said this information alone is worth many times the price of this seminar.
How to prepare brochures, sales letters, ads, and other sales materials that generate a constant flow of leads and sales.
How to profitably put together big promotions on a small budget.
9 steps to creating less costly, more successful ad campaigns.
How to profitably use database marketing in your business.
7 ways to increase your sales immediately.
Discovering the bells and whistles that can make your ads sexy and your cash register jingle.
3 “magic words” on your outer envelopes which almost force people to open them. (Of course, there can be no sale or appointment made unless the envelope is opened).
Avoiding the 7 deadly mistakes that will ruin your chances of success in database marketing.
How to market your products with no investment in advertising.
The 27 most powerful “magic words” to use in your advertising.
2 “magic words” which get you the best table in any restaurant in the world.
How to get prospects to call you to purchase your products and services.
How to improve the real key to profitability – customer retention.
2 little-used “magic words” which will increase response to your sales letters or ads.
How to increase in-store traffic instantly.
7 “magic words” that will help slash the cost of staying in first-class hotels.
5 sub-headlines you can successfully use over and over again. None contain more than 6 “magic words”.
How to profit from the hidden assets you already have in your business.
2 “magic words” that will have employers calling you with job offers.
How to drive your competitors crazy.
How to train telemarketers in little-known up-selling and closing techniques.
How to substantially increase sales to existing customers, with a very profitable result.
How to simplify your business life and make management much easier. Avoid slaving away day and night, which can be counterproductive. Instead, you can develop profit centres that motivate employees and colleagues to take more responsibility, which frees you up to do more “big picture” thinking.

Ever wonder why your promotions aren’t more effective – despite all the time and money you invest in them?
How to find free bonuses to add to your offers, which make them irresistible
Discover the easiest, low-cost, no-risk strategies to find profitable new products.
How to spot and profit from trends.
How to make your ads more effective than your competitors … even the biggest ones in town.
How to stop all non-productive advertising, which is expensive, and switch to a strategy that gets scientifically measurable results.
7 secrets of a successful entrepreneurial manager.
How to find great copywriters.
How to be your own copywriter.
How to use direct marketing, the only scientifically measurable marketing there is, to build your business in the future.
3 little known tips to make Internet marketing profitable.
How to buy advertising in magazines and newspapers at up to 80 percent off the rate card. This information in the right hands is worth thousands, even millions, of dollars.
How to assure your business will sell at an attractive price when you want to cash in your chips.Examples of thrilling results using Magic Words
Robert Allen, an Ohio man, created a $100 million business empire which began from the attention received to a simple 3-word headline in a classified ad. It caused his phone to ring off the hook with calls from buyers.
George Cappony, a Texas business owner, moved a tough-to-sell piece of real estate in 3 days with a small ad using a 5-word headline he created with Ted’s strategies.
Leslie Brice, a Californian marketer, doubled the sales of a battery-testing device using Ted’s method to create an attention-getting 17-word headline. (17 words is the maximum length you should use for a successful headline).
Rodney Thomas, a magazine publisher in the UK, created a profitable ad with a 15-word headline he wrote at Ted’s seminar.
Nick Galtos, owner of a chain of 21 English language schools in Switzerland and France, has a constant flow of telephone calls from a yellow pages ad featuring an 11-word headline created from Ted’s teachings.
Ted helped Mike Chantry, a mail-order marketer in the UK, develop and produce a number of successful products.
Jim Jonathan, a radio and BizLearning shop owner, increased his business 1,000 percent with a 5-word headline placed in the yellow pages.
Carolyn and Michael, owners of a bed-and-breakfast in Australia, are drawing a steady stream of customers as a result of a 9-word, attention-getting headline Ted inspired.
Dan Levinas of Washington, DC, a marketer of a public speakers service, sold over $12 million in contracts in 3 years with an ad based on Ted’s strategies. But the key to it all was just 3 words in the headline.

Here are more examples from Ted’s own companies
A 4-word company name was so intriguing it was largely responsible for Ted’s first successful business venture at age 21 – a chain of candy and ice cream parlours, which grew to 30 stores in 6 states.
A 3-word slogan on an outdoor sign doubled Ted’s volume of business into a 30-store retail empire overnight.
A 12-word classified ad started Ted’s present publishing and communication empire.

In this exciting program, Ted gives you the inside scoop on all these breakthroughs – demonstrating why his techniques are at work in 47 industries and in numerous countries throughout the world.
Moreover, he does not reveal just the words, phrases, and headlines that work best. More importantly, he reveals the thinking process of exactly how he comes up with them. You’ll be able to replicate the technique any time you wish.
One thing is certain; your marketing will never be the same after listening to this program. And it is bound to be far more effective.
Steady streams of clients from the U.S and around the world seek Ted out in Switzerland for marketing and consulting help. He’s paid fees of $15,000, plus a 5% royalty on sales for ads and direct mail letters.
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