The Blueprint Model – Shanna Skidmore

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The Blueprint Model – Shanna Skidmore

The Blueprint Model by Shanna Skidmore

Here’s What You’ll Learn



In the 6 core curriculum videos you’ll learn Shanna’s proven business blueprint: a roadmap for creating the profitable, sustainable, life-enriching business of your dreams one “building block” at a time. Each lesson includes step-by-step instruction, guided homework assignments and done-for-you templates to make understanding the numbers in your business doable and approachable.

Remember you’re not alone! All coaching calls are recorded and available for 6 months.Comment threads inside the program will stay available for viewing indefinitely.


The term “Blueprint Model” is quite generic and can be applied to various contexts, industries, or methodologies.

It serves as a guide or roadmap for implementing a particular strategy or solution.

A blueprint model often includes:

  1. Goals and Objectives: Clearly defined goals and objectives that the blueprint aims to achieve.
  2. Components and Elements: Identification and description of the essential components or elements necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  3. Processes and Workflows: A series of well-defined processes and workflows that outline the steps and activities needed to complete the blueprint successfully.
  4. Roles and Responsibilities: Allocation of roles and responsibilities to individuals or teams involved in implementing the blueprint.
  5. Resources and Requirements: Identification of the resources, tools, technologies, and requirements needed to execute the blueprint effectively.
  6. Timeline and Milestones: A timeline or schedule with specific milestones to track progress and ensure timely completion of the blueprint.
  7. Evaluation and Iteration: A plan for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the blueprint and incorporating feedback or making adjustments as needed.

About your instructor – Shanna Skidmore

Hey there, I’m Shanna Skidmore – former Fortune 100 Financial Advisor turned Business Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs.

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