The Real Investing Course – Roger Hirst

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The Real Investing Course – Roger Hirst

Timeless investing principles from the world?s best investors.

The brand new Real Investing Course from Real Vision gives you tools to become a more successful investor in the real world.
You?ll learn from the world?s best investors and develop your own ?nose? for investing. All in less than 10 hours. And did we mention it?s bloody entertaining, too?

Thousands of Hours of Insight ? Delivered in Less Than 10

Become a better and more confident investor by learning from the best.

Becoming a better investor is a lifelong journey. And not an easy one. You have to learn from the world?s best investors without blindly copying them.
You have to apply textbook knowledge in the real world (always tricky). You have to avoid charlatans (increasingly tricky). You have to avoid information and data paralysis.
Before bringing The Real Investing Course to the world,?we beta-tested it?with first a few hundred, and then a?few thousand people.
All this pain is why we developed?The Real Investing Course.

It?s game-changing ? delivering?insights you won?t find anywhere else?from dozens of professional investors.
It?s super-charged ??distilling thousands of hours of knowledge?and delivering it to you in less than 10.
It?s lock, stock and barrel ? Real Vision acquired and built on the Lex van Dam Trading Academy, a?blockbuster investing course?based on the frameworks developed at one of the top London trading desks.

Oh, and?forget about bland PowerPoint presentations?by somebody in a shirt?
The Real Investing Course is filmed in an underground bunker, a cinema, and a bar, so you know it?s definitely not boring?

The Real Investing Course includes:
??5 Modules?& 31 Lessons
? The?fundamentals?of real world investing?in 10 hours
? Transcripts, handbooks, takeaways,?rabbit hole resources
??Professional investors?as your guides
??Real Vision PLUS?membership
??Full access?to upcoming Real Vision Academy courses
? ?And?zero?B.S.
Access a Single Source of Learning That Brings It ALL Together

It won?t make you George Soros overnight. It will help you become a more successful, independent investor. Here?s how:

Once you start The Real Investing Course, we?ll immediately guide you through the course?Manifesto, and a 9-minute guide on?How To Navigate This Journey. Then it?s time to get started with course curriculum.
How You?ll Learn:
The course is designed to develop your approach to investing. Even if you have been doing it for years, it will force you to go back and stress test your process, something any investor and trader should do.
Here?s the approach to each module:

First, we cover the core ideas and concepts for each module in the?Basics
Then we review these ideas and concepts in laidback?Discussions?with Roger Hirst, Jamie McDonald and James Helliwell. Here, you?ll learn different nuances from 3 pros who each look at markets differently
Next, we unlock the insights from the Real Vision archives and learn?From the Pros, including?Raoul Pal,?Chris Cole,?Lyn Alden,?Mark Ritchie II, and?Pierre Andurand
Then, Roger pulls it altogether in action-focused?Workshops, which feature practical activities, actionable strategies, and various investing scenarios – all the real world stuff.


A module handbook,?plus?extra resources
Chatting with fellow Academy members?on Real Vision

Learn from the Best Professional Investors in the World

By the pros. For the people.

You know that saying ??“If you think it?s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur??
Same deal with investing. If you choose a crappy course from a so-called “guru†you?re in for an expensive time.
With?The Real Investing Course, you?ll learn from the best professional investors in the world. Meet your hosts on this journey?

Roger Hirst

Global macro master and explainer.
Currently Managing Editor at Real Vision Creative Studios
Formerly in equity derivative sales specializing in macro opportunities
“When I see Roger, I click.? ? Matthew T.




Maggie Lake

Incisive journalist and story-teller extraordinaire.

Currently Senior Editor and Host at Real Vision
Former business anchor and correspondent at CNN International
“We need more Maggie. Repeat, we need more Maggie.? – Julian C.

Jamie McDonald

Multi-hyphenate presenter, writer, and financial teacher.
Currently Presenter at Real Vision
Former portfolio manager at Point 72 Management and elsewhere
“Excellent! So well explained, Jamie. Keep bringing these.? – Victor F.

James Helliwell

A skin-in-the-game pro who practices what he teaches.

Currently Macro Analyst at Real Vision Creative Studios
Former CIO managing multi-asset portfolios
Previously worked with Lex van Dam at the LvD Trading Academy
“His love of the investing game is so clear.? – Dan S.


The Real Investing Course distills valuable takeaways from thousands of hours?of Real Vision interviews that are otherwise lost in the archives. Okay ? maybe not exactly lost, but we dug deep for the gems so you don?t have to.
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