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Blueprint is a BlueprintTM is a 6 week business accelerator program that assists freelancers, coaches and entrepreneurs who are independent to find more clients of their dreams quickly and easily. You may have seen me on…

Does this sound like a bell?
You provide services to your business customers and you’re a pro when it comes to what you offer.
You’d like to collaborate with your ideal clients, doing the work you’d like to do while enjoying money freedom But…
… You don’t know where to draw clients in and are lacking clarity.
… You believe that sales is an evil word.
… it’s because you aren’t sure what your niche is.
… it’s as if you’re working harder than you’ve ever been, yet you’re not moving ahead.
… it’s concerned over finding your ideal customers to pay you the price you deserve and you’re competing with hundreds of others who quit full-time jobs to create their own companies.
… You know there’s something wrong and you’re not certain what it could be. You know it’s like an obstacle.

If I was in your shoes I…
… Was anxious about how to attract clients and how to bill the clients.
… I was tired of being at the will of any person who was willing to make a payment.
… I was exhausted of being a victim of other entrepreneurs. I would like everyone to be successful.
… I was looking to create a business that was profitable which allowed me to be in control of my life and time.
… I wanted to select my clients and work to make an impact.

Most importantly…
… It was because I was looking to discover my niche and produce high-quality work that would serve a greater goal.
… The truth is that I was tired of hearing about the cheapest sales tricks I needed to do in order to earn money.
I was looking for the perfect clients that could help me effortlessly and comfortably, just as it is supposed to be.

Do you know the way I felt?
Do you want to give up on the best and have an actual plan that is tailored to your specific niche?

You don’t need to struggle to achieve success (or be apprehensive that you’re not real)
There’s a better way.
The key is to recognize that sales is not an innocuous word. Most people don’t know what sales really means.
Let’s face it: Sales is a type of service.
You’re a problem-solver who assists your clients in overcoming hurdles and reach their goals by providing your services.
That’s what real sales is. It’s not half-truth promises or fast-talking rubbish.
And the most exciting part is the best…
It’s not necessary to complete this by yourself.
There’s a plan for success
Reach out to the ideal customers. to you.

You can feel confident calling prospective clients.

You can easily scope out massive projects to ensure you have paid jobs.

Select the clients you wish to collaborate with.

Do only the work you would like to complete.
I created a plan from scratch that allows scaling up to $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 per year easy and achievable while being more in control of time working, clients, and other obligations.

It’s already helped hundreds coaches freelancers, coaches, and entrepreneurs according to their own conditions (with faith).

And I’ll personally demonstrate how you can make it work for your company.

“Using Stefan’s teachings, I tripled my freelance revenue and gained so much confidence in myself.”
– Anita

“In just one call, Stefan walked me through a plan for my sales calls that made me feel empowered.”
– Dan

“Stefan helped me build well into the 6-figures with way more freedom to be creative than I had in my 9-5 job”
– Drew

Introducing The BlueprintTM
The Blueprint for coaches, freelancers and entrepreneurs contains established systems, scripts and templates to help self-employed entrepreneurs as well as coaches and freelancers to find the ideal clients. You can only perform the work you’d like to accomplish, and maintain complete control of your time as an independent entrepreneurial. In only 6 weeks, you’ll have access to the tools as well as frameworks and support that you need to swiftly and efficiently increase your revenue to six figures.
Be aware that you’re an issue solver and solutions provider for your customers and understand the 3 main aspects that are crucial in getting the right clients to close.
2. Marketing, POSITIONING and FUNNEL CREATION IN ORDER TO ATTACH IDEAL clients (ORGANICALLY) Create ideal clients knocking at your (digital) door, asking to collaborate with you at any cost.

Three ways to make calls with prospective clients simple to handle, relaxed, and efficient.
4. Find the best tools in A POSITION TO SAVE TIME to help you grow your business: Develop the assets in your company which can perform your heavy lifting.
5. Find answers to your concerns with 24/7 support and Community: You’re not on your own in this journey. Receive personal assistance from me as well as from a group of independent entrepreneurs who are like you.

Success stories from entrepreneurs who are independent like you…

What you’ll learn during the course

This six-week intensive course will equip you with the necessary tools to succeed.

Week 1: The Mindsets and Behaviors of Success
Your success is within reach. Be aware of that. In week 1, we’ll be looking at sales psychology and knowing what sales is actually about and what it actually does. We’ll cover the importance of personal branding, and finish in with the 3 main factors you must remember when you’re trying to draw and closing the ideal customers.

Week 2: Introduction to Tools to Support Your Success
You’re a force to be reckoned with , however, that doesn’t mean that you have to handle everything you do by yourself. We’ll review six essential technologies that can help you save hours a week of administrative hassle. We’ll also discuss how to comprehend your ideal client within 10 minutes or less. Then, we’ll present The Wave, your power tool to bring humanity into the process of providing your services to potential customers.

Week 3: Secret Weapons for Closing Massive ($10k+) Deals Quickly
This week, we’re discussing how you can meet with prospects quickly and transform the conversation into a major ($10kplus deal) by using The Wave. We’ll also discuss how to show you are concerned about your prospective clients, as well as two ways to structure deals that make everybody feel at ease and confident. In the final part, we’ll discuss the top seven client complaints you may hear, as well as the fourteen most frequently encountered clients’ red flags to stay clear of.

Week 4: Closing + Proposals
This is the crucial moment in which we convert potential clients into customers. The greatest part? It’s simply another variation of the cozy and natural, humane method of selling. It’s possible to remain your wonderful, compassionate self, without any tricks needed. We’ll discuss strategies to ensure the time of everyone is honored We’ll discuss the elements of a successful proposal, and finally, we’ll discuss how to create proposals that people are quick to accept.

Week 5: Social Media Marketing, Personal Positioning, and Client Funnel Creation
Okay, you’ve learned how to recognize problems and provide the solution that a client requires. But how do you get clients to your doors? This is what this week’s focus is. We’ll discuss 15+ diverse ways to make opportunities be presented to you through the spectrum of social media, marketing via content community creation, growth hacking and much more. We’ll also discuss how to boost your personal brand to ensure that those seeking you out can easily locate your name. We’ll also go over the basics of creating profitable partnerships that deliver the perfect results to you on a regular basis, with minimal to little effort.

Week 6: Contracts + Accepting the Right Clients
One of the most important secret to success in self-employed entrepreneurialism, freelance work and coaching is the way you manage the time you spend and your energy. When you steer clear of bad-fit clients it allows you to concentrate on clients that are more profitable. When you have solid contracts both you and your clients are secure. This week, we’ll be discussing how to recognize and avoid clients that aren’t a good fit and then discussing the 18 clauses that you must include in your contracts with clients (with examples and templates! ).

Anita doubled her income
Anita made a decision to invest in herself and has tripled her earnings. She now is earning more from her self-employed business than she did make as a full-time marketing executive.

At the end of this six-week program, you’ll have…

An “full stack” blueprint for attracting ideal customers.
A lot more time to enjoy businesses that can could save you time per week.
The confidence that comes from meeting new clients and knowing that you have the tools, templates tools, resources, and scripts you require to be successful.
A plan for complete control in the clients you deal on with as well as the tasks that you undertake.
Peace of mind as you know that you are in complete authority over the business you run, your earnings potential, as well as your customers.

What’s included:
Live Q&A phone calls are available to answer your concerns or give advice on specifics

A community of supportive, fellow entrepreneurs who are like-minded to support you on your path

6 weeks of programming that includes 15videos to guide you step-by-step how to effectively attract and then close – fantastic clients.

15different strategies to attract clients that you can implement immediately to get new clients

30+ templates, scripts Toolkits, templates and other downloadable tools and templates

Sales scripts for all calls that you can begin using right away

Strategies and scripts that can assist you in overcoming obstacles and obstacles on your sales calls

Proven templates for proposals that you can use immediately to make more sales

In-depth guides to inbound marketing for entrepreneurs who are independent coach, freelancers, and coaches
Free templates and downloads

($2,800plus immediately)
A free contract-related guide (to ensure that your contract is paid in time, and not being ripped off) ($1,500plus value)

A free guide to the strategy of inbound funnels ($500 value)

FREE pricing strategy guide ($250 value)

Step-by-step guide to setting up your website for your own website ($250 worth)

A free guide on how you can obtain reviews ($150 value)

Free guide on how to convince people to recommend your business for you ($150 value)
Freebies in addition

($5,000plus lifetime value)
Lifetime access to all course materials (and every course update)

12 month access to weekly Q&A sessions with experts for one-on-one assistance

A copy is free for Empathetic Sales to Freelancers The ebook method to identify bad prospects and make better sales to clients faster.

A free digital copy from The 50 Laws of Freelancing The best-selling book on the growth of a freelance business.
Dan 5x’ed rates and also closed new clients the help of ONE conversation
Dan felt that his customers were pushing him around and he employed pressure tactics to push his prices lower.
Utilizing Freelance Sales Blueprint techniques, Dan raised his rates by five times and close a new client nearly instantly.

“Working with Stefan is 100% worth it”
– Dan

Are you ready to expand your business to six figures while also gaining more control, time to do other things and peace of mind?

You can immediately access the course materials, resources as well as live support and community

The investment you can make in your company’s growth is $950. The profit from this investment is indefinite.

Begin with your Guide (and the person who came up with the Blueprint)
Making more ideal clients and making a positive impact on your life was my way towards freedom. Let’s help you achieve it, too.
Hello! Stefan the creator of The BlueprintTM here. I’m thrilled and elated to be a part of this journey towards success with you.
I set up my business on my own due to the fact that I was tired of the 9-5 , feeling bored and tired of working… I was looking for to pursue a profession with an end in sight and a purpose which would allow me to have free space and financial independence.
I was captivated by the convenience, time and financial freedom which being an entrepreneur provided me. I was addicted.
Through over the years, I developed various methods that allowed me to increase 4x my earnings (to an impressive 6-figure figure) and work about 25 hours a week traveling all over the world. I stopped working for unpaid admin and learned to recognize (and “fire”) bad clients, and also how to increase my rates without my clients blinking an eye.
I be able to live and work anywhere I like while earning six figures. I’m also renovating a 7-bedroom Victorian mansion, which I’m paying through the earnings of my business.
Today, I am able to help freelancers as well as coaches and independent entrepreneurs just like you to build businesses that work for YOUonly: working with the right clients and charging what you’re worth and using your business to help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted.
I’ve worked with entrepreneurs to build steady 5-figure monthly income and even 6-figure years quickly using the Blueprint and I’m confident that I can assist you as well.

Join us to quickly grow your business as a freelancer according to YOUR schedule

InSTANT $230 savings

$950 one-time
Coaching sessions live.

Access to the course for life.

Join an international community.

Free access to all updates to the course.
4 Payments of $295
Coaching sessions live.

Access to the course for life.

Join an international community.

Access to all updates to the course.

What is the Blueprint function?

How can I tell what the Blueprint is a good fit for me?

What happens if I don’t love it?

What if I’m working?

I’d like to be sure that this program is right for me. I also have concerns. Who do I ask?

I’m interested. What should I do next?

Get the help, guidance and tools you require to be successful
You are free to continue with the same routine doing random experiments and hoping for the best…
You can sign up for this program immediately and gain access to the entire set of tools, resources as well as the community and assistance you require to be successful.

Stay in contact
Get practical growth advice that you can implement to your coaching, freelancing, or creator economy business now.

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