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Taylor Johnson Your Guide…

And why this 21-day semen retention challenge was created…

My name is Taylor Johnson,
and I know what it’s like to live a life without clarity of purpose. I went through long periods of passivity, addiction to porn and excessive ejaculation. I went through long periods of letting my life force go…
With practice I started to experience “success” and “happiness.” I was a contractor for major corporations like Facebook & Google, I had sexy girlfriends, travelled the world and made thousands of dollars in a day…
But something still wasn’t right… and last year it hit me…
I had never fully committed to myself and my purpose on this planet. I was just going through the motions of what I thought “success” should be. So…
For my 34th birthday, I committed to 30 days of:

I committed to myself in a way I never had before, and it changed everything.
This is why I’m here right now with you, because I know the true power that’s inside us – we just have to choose to use it.
Most of us go our entire lives without ever really committing to ourselves and our visions. Most of us don’t realize that what we do with our sexual energy has HUGE impacts on our ability to create the life we want. Tantric & Taoist traditions have known this for a long time, and it’s finally beginning to catch on.
If you want to commit to yourself in a major way that will integrate your sex and spirit, and could change the course of your life forever… I’m here to help.
Join me and a group of brothers from around the world who are stepping up together. The world needs us.

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