The Power MBA Course

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Flagship Business Management Program at our School
A MBA alternative gives you 360° vision of all the concepts, tools, and methods that are changing the world of business.
Program Details
Classes last for 88 hours
Learn at your own pace
15 minutes per day
Live sessions with experts
Forum and downloadable materials
Each year, more than 250 networking events
This program is intended for…
from any background who wish to have a holistic view of business.
Motivated careerists may be looking for a change of direction or growth in their current organization
These are the aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration and the tools to start a business.
What business management skills can you learn?
Business Strategy
Find out the most disruptive business models in each industry and how to create a UVP. Then, most importantly, use it in your company.
Learn how to start your business and avoid common pitfalls that can trap entrepreneurs.
Learn the skills you need to manage your team and maximize your company’s potential.
Scaling and Growth
Find out how to set long-term goals and identify growth engines that work best for you. Then map out a scaling strategy.
Learn about the various resources available to growth stages and speak directly with investors, incubators, entrepreneurs, and venture builders.
Learn how to create a brand that is unique, increase retention and build long-lasting relationships.


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