Tim Shurr – Hypnotic Sales Mastery

Tim Shurr – Hypnotic Sales Mastery

Hypnotic Sales What You’ll Learn In Hypnotic Sales Mastery?

Hypnotic Sales How to take the best of “old school” selling and combine it with today’s more modern “relationship-based” approaches.
Active listening and interviewing strategies that help you consistently STAND OUT from the competition.


The concept behind is to tap into the buyer’s subconscious mind and influence their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors through carefully crafted language patterns, tonality, and body language. The goal is to establish rapport, build trust, and create a persuasive conversation that guides the buyer towards a favorable decision.

Hypnotic sales techniques often involve using embedded commands, storytelling, metaphorical language, pacing and leading, and other linguistic patterns that bypass the conscious resistance of the buyer.

  1. Building Rapport: Building rapport is a fundamental aspect of . This creates a sense of familiarity and trust, making the buyer more receptive to the salesperson’s message.
  2. Anchoring: Anchoring is a technique that associates a specific emotion or state with a particular stimulus.
  3. Utilizing Hypnotic Language Patterns:  These patterns may include presuppositions, ambiguity, double binds, and metaphors. By using these patterns effectively, salespeople can shape the buyer’s perception and subtly influence their choices.
  5. NLP Techniques:  NLP techniques focus on understanding how individuals process information and use that knowledge to communicate more effectively. This includes matching and mirroring the buyer’s language patterns, using sensory language to
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