Design Keys Foundations Course by Luciano Armani

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Design Keys Foundations Course by Luciano Armani
?Module 1 – The 4 Aura Types

?Module 2 – The 9 Centers & 64 Keys

?Module 3 – The 7 Authorities

NEW ! ?Module 4 – The 6 Lines

A deep journey through?

Human design?

with a modern

Gene Keys?approach

Here we offer you the most complete, unique in it?s kind, foundational approach to the?basis of studying a human design chart
Design Keys Foundations Course includes:
?Module 1 – The 4 Aura Types:
This module will give you access to your unique aura type.
Each aura type has a strategy, the correct way in which you need to engage with life.
This will provide more ease and flow your business and personal relationships.
?Module 2 – The 9 Centers & 64 Keys:
This module will provide deep insight into your main conditioning patterns, shedding light on the shadows that might be making you engage in unfulfilling relationships, friendships and business dynamics.
?Module 3 – The 7 Authorities:
This module will endow you with an empowered decision making process.
This process is finely tuned to YOUR unique profile, removing the overthinking, hesitation and frustration from your life.
Module 4 – The 6 Lines:
The 6 Lines?of the hexagram are here to give you specific insights into the unique character that you came here to play.?
In other words – they represent the ways in which you are meant to impact the world as well as how the world impacts you.
?This is the?ultimate course?to build a solid foundation of your human design experience.
You will?learn how to read?the most important aspects of anyones?chart, and be ready to apply it and share that knowledge?with your friends and family.
?All the videos are packed with theory and?practical examples?you can implement in your life?RIGHT NOW.
The content is?curated?and?simplified, so you don?t have to listen to hours and hours of lectures on each single topic.
We don?t ramble or rant. Just?tools?and?experience.
?If you are a beginner or intermediate in?Human Design?and want to go deeper, with a modern,?updated approach on the system, this course is a no brainer.
?If you come from a?Gene Keys?background, and want to delve deeper into Human Design, the unique perspective of? this course will be the easiest, most aligned path to do so.
?This course will endow you with a?profound understanding?of?yourself?and?others.
?Each person?s unique role and gifts.
?How each of you can take a more harmonious role in any dynamic.
?Where to expect friction and how to handle it in any relationship

With the course, we will also

include the?Design Keys?intro deck:
A set of 30+ digital cards so you can quickly study and reference the material anytime.
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