Playboy 2 Papa 2022 by Paul Janka

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Playboy 2 Papa 2022 by Paul Janka
Paul Janka No Man Left Behind is an intensive 12-week course on Dating, Mating & Marriage.
It’s the first time Paul has released a major product in 10 years, since he held his now infamous “Beyond the Digits” seminar in NYC in 2008.
For all you guys who’ve grown tired of the flakes, disappointments and false positives littering the dating scene, Paul is here to show you how to properly screen a woman for a long-term relationship. He’s got the chops to prove it, as one of the only A-list coaches to settle down, marry and have a child. In this course, Paul will show you every single step you must take to find a great woman and build a family, as he has done.
Playboy 2 Papa 2022 by Paul Janka – Course Curriculum


Paul Janka is known as a dating and relationship coach, author, and entrepreneur. He gained attention in the mid-2000s for his teachings and techniques on meeting and attracting women. His book “Getting Laid in NYC” garnered some controversy and received attention in the dating advice community.

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Module One – Volume (98:25)



The Playboy Lifestyle


Steps To The Altar


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