Secrets of Internal Power – Self Defense Supercharger – David Snyder

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Secrets of Internal Power – Self Defense Supercharger by David Snyder

David Snyder’s Combat Secrets of of Internal Power Revealed!
Finally, By Insane Demand … All My Martial Arts, Self-Defense, & Energetics Secrets in One Place
After Years of Student Requests, David Snyder is Finally Revealing All His Martial Arts & Energy Manipulation Secrets. You’ve Gotten Bits & Pieces in His Other Programs, and Now You Can Have His Entire System for Self-Protection, Energetic Persuasion, & Physical Power
Here it is … the program that I almost never released, and may never release again.
If you’ve seen any of my material, whether it’s a recorded program, a live seminar, or even a YouTube video… you’ve seen me use training exercises and demonstrations from Karate, Tai Chi, Systema, and many other fighting systems.
Martial Arts has always been integral to my development…


And that’s assuming you actually find good teachers, who not only know the right techniques, but are willing to take the time to teach you.
However, they have some big problems too:
• They require athleticism and constant practice. (Say goodbye to all your other hobbies!)

• They will destroy your body over time.

• They don’t teach you any of the really powerful energetic skills
Broken fingers, snapped knees, and broken ribs are all over the place. And that’s just the obvious accidents. What’s more common is the everyday wear & tear on your joints, leading you to constant pain every day.
That leaves one last major category… self-defense classes like Krav Maga.
Classes like these can be effective but have their own issues.

Every Day or Doing Forms for Years
As a martial arts enthusiast, I’ve spent many, many years mastering different types of Martial Arts.
My “ranking” credentials as a martial artist include:

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