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Surgical pick ups come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate different surgical needs.This allows for precise control and manipulation of tissues or objects within the surgical site.

Some pick ups have a locking mechanism to securely hold the grasped material in place without the need for continuous hand pressure.

Common types of surgical pick ups include:

  1. Adson Forceps: These have a fine, narrow tip with small teeth or serrations.
  2. Debakey Forceps: These forceps have atraumatic, serrated jaws that provide a secure grip without causing excessive trauma to tissues.
  3. Allis Forceps: These forceps have multiple sharp, interlocking teeth along their jaws.
  4. Babcock Forceps: These have a wider, spoon-shaped tip with a smooth, atraumatic grip.
  5. Kelly Forceps: These forceps have broader, curved jaws with fine serrations.

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