Trading Synergy From Combining – The Elliott Wave And Wyckoff Methods

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Trading Synergy From Combining – The Elliott Wave And Wyckoff Methods

This Trading Synergy From Combining exciting series of webinars demonstrate the potent synergy of two complementary chart-reading and trading systems: the Elliott Wave Principle and the Wyckoff Method, presented by experts in each – Jeffrey Kennedy and Roman Bogomazov. Jeffrey and Roman will illustrate how an Elliottician and a Wyckoffian, respectively, interpret and trade from charts of stocks and commodities, and how traders can leverage principles from each methodology to make better market timing decisions.
This course builds on the pioneering work of the late Dr. Henry (“Hank”) Pruden in combining these powerful analytical methods.
This series provides an update to the Wyckoff Analytics’ course of the same name presented 2018. You will have one full year from the date of purchase to view and review the videos!*

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn how the intersections of the Elliott Wave and Wyckoff Methods – approaches used by many professional and institutional traders – can enhance the soundness and profitability of your market analysis and trading.

In these three sessions, Jeffrey and Roman will:

Present foundational materials on market cycle, structural analysis and terminology from the Elliott Wave and Wyckoff Methods
Illustrate high-probability trading strategies and tactics using these two approaches
Share and analyze their own recent trades as case studies, including post-analysis from Elliott Wave and Wyckoff Method perspectives
Demonstrate how traders can integrate key insights from each approach to improve timing of their entries and exits

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